As show above, a QR code is read

As new technology rapidly evolves, there are various ways of capturing individuals’ attendances.   Figure 3. QR code scan in progress using a mobile device. Source: Fast technology group   As show above, a QR code is read by an imaging device, such as a mobile phone camera, and formatted algorithmically by underlying software Reed – Solomon error correction until the image can be appropriately interpreted. This software error detection and error correction is widely used because it can performed quickly and efficiently. It allows correct reading even the bar code is damaged a lot. Data is then extracted from patterns present in both horizontal and vertical components of the image. This extracted data, based on what is behind the encrypted image can now be sent to the server for computational purposes.     5.0 Existing Systems.   Harvard Alumni Portal: Front page of this portal shows the features like login tab so that the alumnus can login easily, ways to connect for connecting the junior and the pass out students, make gift for various occasions like birthdays or anything else. With that Harvard provides Features News for surrounding information’s, Lecture details which describes the schedule, events and the Notice are displayed on home page itself with the present event. Also gives the Donor Initiative Chance for the scenario when the alumni student he/she feels that they can help the college in terms of donation so that will be  possible with this. Apart from all this we have observe the unique feature that is it provides the clubbed video on the home page and this thing makes the whole portal very much attractive.   IIT Kanpur: IIT has Gallery with many images, Lectures details with specific day and time; contacts which show whom all are connected with this portal, woman alumni convention as separate for the woman only on the Home page. And Features are Gallery present on the home page; visit for guide allocations is given so that the junior student can get the solution or the advice for their difficulties. And Notice with highlighted form is shown for better visualization. Also gives the Donor Initiative Chance. And IIT KANPUR shows information events about present on every page where the current events are highlighted also there is a separate women alumni convention and that is the unique feature.   Alumni Princeton University: This portal has different things in their front page like Calendar for the current and the incoming occasions. This portal is provides the features that is same as the IIT KANPUR like Gallery present on the home page, visit for guide allocations is given so that the junior student can get the solution or the advice for their difficulties. But the different thing is that this portal provides the scholar ship in terms of donor initiative for the collage requirement purpose. Providing the unique feature like the alumnus are categorized on the basis of regions communities of networks so that the students who belongs to the same area will get listed together.   ITMB Alumni Association: In the home page this portal shows the search tab for searching the alumni student whether he/she is connected in the portal or not provides the similar features like all portals Harvard Alumni Portal, IIT Kanpur, Alumni Princeton University. The notice is present in the highlighted form not only for the better visualization but also for making the portal active. Also provided Donor initiative for college. And the unique feature which makes ITMB Alumni Association more unique is the search tab which is shown on every page.   UCLA Alumni Portal: The UCLA ALUMNI PORTAL’s home page layout is very much attractive, shows the similar features like all the portal which we have discussed yet. But unfortunately there is no notice section because of that the portal not shows any surrounding information. And also the donor initiative is present in the form of scholarship.     Weakness and Limitations Over all we found shortcoming that the Junior applicant cannot communicate with the Alumni that makes the portal complicated. And also the conservation is hidden or not displayed from the other student who all is connected with that particular port