Asian: The Achievements of the Gupta Empire

When did the Gupta Empire rule India?
320 to 550 C.E.

What is a golden age?
a time of prosperity and cultural achievements

What happened after the Mauryan Empire fell around 187 B.C.E.? Who took power?
Mauryan broke apart into separate kingdoms
Chandra Gupta

How were the Guptas different than the Mauryas?
Guptas have independence but the Mauryas do not

What is a province?
the place where royal government members ruled

How was the province beneficial for the royal government members?
they could make many of their own decisions

Describe the universities in India.
They were Hindu, Buddhist, primarily only open to males. But teachers daughters were allowed to attend.

What are some things that they learned at the universities in India?
religious training, mathematics, astronomy, chemistry and Sanskrit.
They could also teach sculpture, painting, music and dancing.

Define monastery.
Where students were instructed in Buddhist and Hindu philosophy

What forms of literature were created by Gupta writers?
poetry, folk tales and tall tales

What was the Bhagavad Gita?
it was the “song of the Lord”

Where did some Gupta literature expand to?
Greece, Persia, and (present day Iran)

What were many of these things the Gupta writers wrote about?
Comedies, drams, some political subjects

How did the Gupta feel about paintings?
that no house was complete without a painting board or easel

Describe what have been found at Ajanta.
A picture of procession of elephants

What were many sculptures made of?
stone, wood, bronze, and Terra-cotta clay

What did the sculptures depict?
gods and goddesses

Describe the two statues of the Gupta Empire.
weird, crazy, old, big and makes no sense

What did the Gupta do with metal?
Made coins and iron pillars

Describe some of the creations the Gupta made with metal.
cool and nice

What did Hindu mathematicians create that we use today?

What are some important things that Gupta mathematicians figured out?
decimal system, treated zero as a number

What practical uses were there for the mathematics things the Gupta mathematicians figured out?
place value, fractions, and calculations

Why did the Gupta build roads?
for trade

How did the Gupta build roads?
they cleared a path, filled holes, smoothed the ground until it was level. The finished roads were made of hard packed dirt.

What were the roads designed for?
safety and comfort

Why did they design the roads the way they did?
to help prevent flooding

What features did the roads have?
a few feet off the ground and ditches or canals ran along either side

How did the features of the roads benefit the Gupta Empire?
it helped with trade and flooding

What in your opinion is the most important/ impactful Gupta achievement? Explain.
it was mathematics. If they did not make the changes we would not have some of the technology we have today.

Describe the Gupta rulers?
Nice, peaceful, and smart

How were the Gupta similar to the Mauryan Empire?
their governments were similar