Asl classifier story

Pea One day, a prince was looking for a princess. But, he didn’t want a fake princess, no, he wanted a real princess. He traveled all around the world searching for the perfect girl. After searching day after day after day, the prince gave up! Just as he did, he heard a knock on the door. The prince opened the door to find a beautiful girl soaking wet from the rain storm. She said to him, “l am the real princess you have been looking for! ” Convinced, the prince pulled her inside and told his mother to find her some dry clothes.

In disbelief, the queen placed a tiny, little pea under forty mattresses in the room the girl was to sleep all night. A long time ago, people said that you were not royalty unless you felt the pea under multiple mattresses to prove you were fragile enough for the thrown. All night the prince hoped and prayed she would feel the pea. The next morning, the queen asked the girl how she slept. She replied with, “Not very well. It felt like there was a rock in my bed. My back is all black and blue! ” With a big grin on his face, the prince turned to the queen because she has passed he one and only test!

The queen, proud of her son for finding the perfect girl said, “Come, come! You must be married immediately! ” Joy and excitement raged through the palace and villages as people talked about the beautiful bride-to-be. “We mustn’t waste a single minute. There is lots and lots of planning to do! ” The queen was most excited about the wedding as she thought about grandchildren. Six months later, the Grand Castle held the largest wedding ever known to the town! Little girls swarmed the streets dreaming of the princess’s beautiful, perfect, fluffy wedding dress.

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