The phenomenon of identifying students who seem to be eligible for special education services but who don’t actually have a disability is
The reason a student is erroneously referred for special education
Student’s linguistic and cultural background differs from the mainstream
Response to intervention
Three-tier models of intervention are associated with which kind of early intervening service?
Pre-referral interventions are intended to address bias in the referral process and prevent unnecessary assessments.
An outcome of the use of the historical model of assessment was a large number of students being referred for special education services who did not require them.
Pre-referral intervention
Which process is designed to prevent inappropriate referral for special education assessment?
The phenomenon where the percentage of students of a culturally diverse group is greater is specific special education categories than that group’s percentage in the general population of the local education agency is called
Curriculum-based measurement
An assessment technique that utilizes frequent measurement and compares students’ actual progress with expected rate of progress is called
Dynamic assessment
This kind of assessment involves teachers determining a student’s potential to learn a task by interacting directly with the student and providing prompts as the student attempts to do a task
In a three-tier model of school supports, approximately what percentage of students is likely to need Tier 3 supports?
No Child Left Behind
High stakes testing and demonstration of Adequate Yearly Progress were brought about by which piece of legislation?
When administering a standardized test, the individual giving the test may give the test in any manner they wish.
All students, regardless of disability, are required to take statewide exams.
Supplemental to the general education curriculum
The purpose of instruction at the 2nd tier of a 3-tier response-to-intervention model is to provide instruction that is
Provide appropriate supports in general education settings paired with documentation of the efficacy of these supports
More recent models of assessment have attempted to …
Children who fail to make academic progress through ESL services are eligible for special education services.
The process of gathering information to monitor progress and make educational decisions if necessary is referred to as
Learning Disabilities
Which disability category compromises approximately half of all students with disabilities?
Norm-referenced assessment
Assessments that compare the scores of a particular student to the scores of a representative sample of the population to which the student belongs is called …
Pre-referral intervention
One process intended to maintain struggling students in the general education classroom and prevent their unnecessary referral to special education is …