The new flavors, which they are currently advertising are: Original, Ultra Blue, Ultra Red, Chaos and Assault You may be commissioned to produce a 30-second commercial for either f these drinks, which aim to fulfill this brief. Task 1 In order to produce a high quality commercial the client wants to make sure that you understand the key features of moving image productions. As individuals you will take part in a short viva voce about three advertising campaigns detailing the key features in each with specific focus on target audience, its intended meaning, genre, representation and narrative within them.

You will need to make detailed notes for your viva voce and be able to discuss your analysis of your chosen clips with the client Evidence you must produce for this task Detailed notes for viva voce on analysis of 3 relevant advertising campaigns, video clip of viva voce and an observation record. Criteria covered by this task: To achieve the criteria you must show that you are able to: Unit Criterion reference Describe how key features are used in a digital moving image production 3 AAA. PA Explain how key features are used in two types of digital moving image productions with reference to appropriate examples 3 AAA.