Assurance Manual

The diagram below shows the fourteen modules at the Professional stage, where the focus is on the acquisition and application of technical skills and knowledge, and the Advanced stage, which comprises three technical modules and the Case Study. The knowledge base The aim of the Assurance module is ensure that students understand the assurance process and fundamental principles of ethics and are able to contribute to the assessment of internal controls and gathering of evidence on an assurance engagement.

Progression to application level The knowledge base that is put in place here will be taken further in the Application level Audit and Assurance module where the aim will be to develop the students’ understanding of the critical aspects of managing an assurance engagement (including audit engagements): acceptance, planning, managing, concluding and reporting. Students will be expected to have an understanding of the audit of not-for-profit entities as well as non-specialized profit oriented entities. Progression to advanced stage The Advanced level paper Advanced Audit & Assurance then takes things further again.

Guidance on how to approach studying with this study manual A detailed study guide suggesting how you should study each chapter of this study manual and identifying the essential points in each chapter Information on how to obtain help with your studies The detailed syllabus and learning outcomes Each chapter has the following components where relevant: Introduction Learning objectives Practical significance Stop and think Working context Syllabus links Examination context Exam requirements Chapter topics Summary and Self-test Technical reference Answers to Self-test Answers to Interactive questions The technical reference section is designed to assist you when you are working in the office. It should help you to know where to look for further information on the topics covered. You will not be examined on the contents of this section in your examination. 4 Study guide 4. 1 Help yourself study for your CA exams Exams for professional bodies such as SCAB are very different from those you have taken at college or university. You will be under greater time pressure before the exam – as you may be combining your study with work.

Here are some hints and tips. The right approach Develop the right attitude Believe in yourself Yes, there is a lot to learn. But thousands have succeeded before and you can too. Remember why you’re doing it You are studying for a good reason: to advance your career. Focus on the exam Read through the Syllabus and Study Guide These tell you whatnot are expected to know and are supplemented by Examination context sections in the text. The right method See the whole picture use your own words Keeping in mind how all the detail you need to know fits into the whole picture will help you understand it better. The Introduction of each chapter puts the material in context.