At a thief. This essay will explain how

At the beginning of the story, Bilbo is hired as an expert burglar by the dwarves regardless of the fact that he has no prior experience as a burglar and has never stolen a thing in his life. When Thorin remarks that he does not think Bilbo is up to the task of being a burglar, Bilbo is offended. It is a bad thing. He does however accept the role and on numerous occasions demonstrates his qualities as a thief. This essay will explain how Bilbo changed during this quest to the lonely mountain. When Bilbo and friends start going through the Misty Mountains, they found themselves facing trolls and tied up aside from Bilbo. The trolls start arguing from the sounds that Gandalf made, and when the trolls started scuffling, William (one of the trolls) drop the key for all of their treasure. Bilbo manages to get the key before the trolls turn into stone. And when he unlocks the treasure, he finds his soon to be called sword “Sting”. This is the first and second time we’ve ever seen Bilbo steal anything, the key to the treasure and the key from William, and the sword he found in the treasure in the same chapter. After Bilbo wakes up from his unconscious nap with a nasty headache he finds himself damp and cold in the tunnels of goblins, and when he finally finds the energy to get up, he sees a little metal ring so he put it in pocket and started walking and walking, until he saw a creature which swam up to him, and his name is named gollum. Gollum offered to help Bilbo if Gollum couldn’t guess the riddles but, if Bilbo doesn’t guess his riddles Gollum. After a few riddles, Bilbo wonders what was in his pocket, so Bilbo says “what’s in my pocket?” Gollum says ” not fair” and after a few minutes, Gollum checks for his Precious ( The ring Bilbo has in his pocket) and accuses Bilbo for stealing it, even though Bilbo didn’t know that it was his. When the Dwarves got imprisoned by the Mirkwood Elves, Bilbo had a plan to get his friends back. Wearing the ring, Bilbo waiting for the guard to become drunk to steal their keys. It was a good thing that the alcohol