Atomic Bomb Essay

United States began to realize that the war could go on for a long time, and result in the death of millions of soldiers and civilians if they did not take drastic measures soon. They had two choices: one choice was to keep the same strategy they had, and hope for some good luck to end the war, while losing millions of lives, or they had to sacrifice significantly less lives and create a giant bomb. Albert Einstein, the president, and other scientists and government agents decided that choice two was a better way. The united States was completely justified in using the atomic bomb to end the war.

There were many advantages in the American war effort with the production of the atomic bomb. Albert Einstein, an extremely intelligent German scientist who fled Germany once the Nazis took over, said that the use Of uranium could potentially be used to make extremely powerful bombs which could completely destroy ports as well as the land surrounding it. This power was able to inflict enough damage on a country to force their surrender. He also said that America should put a lot of effort into quickly but effectively building one of these bombs because evidence suggests that Germany is beginning to do the same thing.

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He said that Germany had stopped selling uranium from the Czechoslovakian mines they control. He believed the reason for this is that they have been researching the potential for an atomic bomb as well. The atomic bomb was also justified on Japan’s account as well. In a draft of a presidential press release about the atomic bomb, there was a mention about the power of the bomb. It states that the United States had the capability to destroy Japan’s power to make war. Also, in that same press release, it was explained that Japan had been warned to surrender or face destructive consequences.

Japan’s reaction, however, was tot surrender, they simply ignored the threats. It states in the end too that atomic power can become a powerful influence towards world peace if it is controlled and regulated correctly. The United States made the right decision when they decided to use an atomic bomb to try stopping the war. It was a great move for the American war strategy because they beat Germany to it. Japan was also given a chance to prevent the whole thing, but they underestimated the power of the atomic bomb.