Attention deficient and hyperactive disorder

Michael story

            Michaels illness (attention deficiency and hyperactive disorder0 is usually diagnosed early in children and adolescents. This disorder is mainly evidenced by inattention, hyperactivity in doing work, impulsivity, forgetfulness, causing disruptions unable to follow instructions and most often moody.

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This disorder is mostly chronic and is not caused by either physical or mental causes. Thus why children like Michael with this type of disorder have to always stay on medication for them to at least catch some attention or else they remain unmanageable if no medication is given.

            Michael portrayed all these deficiencies since he could not sit still in class and kept interrupting the instructions given by the teacher. This indicated that he was restless to point of disruption in class.

Also Michael could not remain on one task for more than ten to fifteen minutes which made him unable to follow through the task. He also kept making strange noise in class. This can depend on the mood Michael is in. All these behaviors characterize children suffering from this type of disorder.

            Performance variability is mainly experienced by children with this disorder which mainly makes the teacher not to understand children with this disorder since sometime they see as if its ignorance. For example, student can frequently remember to do assignment and other time forget. This is enabled by medication since coordination entirely depends on medication like incase of Michael. Teachers should learn how to understand there students like Michael’s teacher in order to efficiently help the student. For example, Michael’s teacher learnt how to take care of him and work well along with him by allowing him to break whenever he felt so.

            Like incase of Michael teachers should come up with various ways of helping children with this form of disorder. This can be facilitated by inventing management techniques for example:
by assessing the student, one can create daily routine for child. Another thing is that teachers should be specific on their instructions and should not use harsh instruction but he should request and accommodate the views of the student. One should also give extra attention to students with this disorder like in case of Michael and avoid addressing other children at the same time this makes the instructions more precise to be followed by the student.

By giving extra attention and understanding the condition of the student it can lead to development of good relationship between the student and teacher which enables the student to be open to the teacher to express his or her problems

Incase of Michael, through his teacher understanding they were able to work well along with each other which made Michael to be true to his teacher. Thus why the teacher could even know the times that Michael has not taken his medication and even Michael could openly tell the teacher when he didn’t take his medication which made the teacher to know the perspective he could handle him with.

            Through Michael’s teacher understanding his condition, good relationship was enabled since Michael and the teacher worked as a team since he appreciated him the way he was.  Through this, it also facilitated parent teacher positive relationship since Michael’s mother appreciated the way his teacher handled him since no other teacher for the past twelve years could bear with her son’s behavior.

Therefore attention deficiency and hyperactive disorder students should be understood as in the Michael’s case in order to effectively help them.


a) Consider the challenges for the teacher, Michael, his mother and special education teacher.

            The teacher faced great challenge because initially she could not understand that Michael has disability. Therefore the teacher was frustrated by his behavior since he couldn’t understand how to handle a student with such disability. This made the teacher to do research on how to handle such students which successfully helped him to handle Michael.

            Michael also was faced with challenge since the teacher did not initially understand him which made him not to be accommodated in the tasks that he wanted to carry out. After the teacher found out of his condition and they talked about it, he was able to work well with him which had not happen to the other teachers who taught Michael at past (Abikof H, 1987).

            The challenge that Michael’s mother faced was that since for the past years she had a lot of problems with Michael’s teacher since they called home complaining of Michael’s behavior. She faced this problem with other teachers unless Michael English teacher who understood him.

            Michael special education teacher faced challenges from other teacher where he/she placed his/her students to study different subject since no teacher was willing to take up these students in their classes and therefore the gradually kept complaining to the special education teacher who didn’t have any choice than to emphasize to other teachers to understand that those are students with disabilities and they should be handle separately with care.

b)  Discuss the misconception and missed opportunities among and between all parties.

            Misconception cropped in since no party wanted to be held responsible for Michael’s behavior and therefore they kept complaining to each other instead of coming up with solutions on how to help Michael. Some of misunderstandings were between general education teacher and special education teacher since the general teacher complain when such students are sent in their class. Teachers also complain to Michael’s mother without realizing that there is nothing she can do not unless they understand him.

These groups missed opportunities to develop there skills in dealing with students with alternation deficiency and hyperactive disorder unless for the general teacher who had an opportunity to deal with those students.

Regular teacher and special education teacher had misconception in communication since the regular teacher found it hard to cope with the student.

c)  How could you design your instructions and classroom management for a student like Michael?

            Well laid down instructions and classroom management for student like Michael greatly helps them in their studies (Abikof H, 1987).

In laying down instructions teacher must create daily routine for each student with different time scheduled for different activities.  While giving instructions, the teacher should be specific to what he/she want to put across and should make clear and reasonable request.

Clear and easily understood boundaries should be set for these students and emphasize that rudeness is unacceptable.

One should always be consistent in handling the student all the time. Disturbing and disruptive elements should be removed out of their sight in order to facilitate stillness. Structured plans should be laid down in order to facilitate student concentration and ability to take tasks seriously.

In class management teacher should try to be more creative so as not to be on the same task for along time which can result to boredom this can be facilitated by either involving class in group discussion (Abikof H, 1987).

Classroom should be set in such a way that nothing suspected to cause disruption is in class.


Abikoff H., (1987), Advances in clinical child psychology, New York.