Auburn Memorial Hospital


Auburn Memorial Hospital is a nonprofit hospital located in Cayuga County, New York and has been in operation for more than 100 years now. From its website, Auburn Memorial Hospital is evident as a community-center health care provider with the facility’s pioneers being volunteers. The health facility provides a wide range of clinical services that are in tandem with the needs of the local community. The nursing team is devoted to quality care in maintenance of Magnet Status and under the leadership of registered nurses. Auburn Memorial Hospital involves the community through volunteer and internship programs as well as providing employment opportunities among other links to useful healthcare information. This facility is undoubtedly beneficial to everyone choosing to utilize it.

Auburn Memorial Hospital


            Auburn Memorial Hospital (AMH) is registered in the Cayuga County, New York. The hospital was established in August 2, 1878 as Auburn City Hospital with its present land location being purchased from public subscriptions coming from 32 contributors. At it’s established, AMH had 13 beds and by April 14, 1880, the hospital admitted its first patient. On opening the Auburn Memorial Hospital website, one is welcomed by a clear heading indicating “Caring Close to Home” thus sending a message of health care brought to the community reach. The website also provides various links to the services offered at the hospital including emergency medical care, veterans’ clinic, nursing services, clinical services as well as other important resources relevant to the community and health care professionals. The hospital provides in-patient and out-patient services and its mission is “to provide compassionate, quality care” to Auburn community and Cayuga County (Auburn Memorial Hospital, 2010a, p 1). From the website, it is also possible to access useful resources such as the hospital’s Strategic Plan and Newsletter thus expounding what AMH is all about. This paper explores Auburn Memorial Hospital through researching information on the hospital’s website. The various services offered by this health care facility are highlighted and their relevance to the community is also discussed.

            With its focus of providing care close to home, Auburn Memorial Hospital rises to the needs of the community health-wise with quality care being a core value. The hospital is community-based and it provides a range of services including “cardiac rehabilitation, critical care unit, emergency care, inpatient and outpatient surgery, laboratory services, mental health services, obstetrics and gynecology, radiology, rehabilitation services and social work” (Auburn Memorial Hospital, 2010a, p 1). It is important to emphasize that Auburn Memorial hospital is a nonprofit organization and therefore it is devoted towards benefiting the community with all the available resources. According to Scott A. Berlucchi, Chief Executive Officer, all the gains of the hospital are reinvested back into the Hospital to improve the above hospitals.

            The nursing department at Auburn Memorial Hospital is guided by a mission to enhance nursing excellence towards patients by utilizing best practice standards as well as personal development. The nursing strategic plan has evidence-based quality care at its center in addition to its efforts to practice Magnet Status of excellence. In acknowledgement that nurses are pivotal in provision of health care, the hospital provides educational opportunities to nursing staff and nurses in general. Furthermore, the nursing department is aware of the implications of nursing shortage hence it ensures nurse retention through provision of adequate resources and employee recognition. To showcase its devotion to quality care, Auburn Memorial Hospital nursing department is led by a team of registered nurses and a number of Nursing Councils have been established (Auburn Memorial Hospital, 2010a).

Recently, Auburn Memorial Hospital responded to the outcry of the community and the large U.S. to have babies protected from abduction and mismatching (Huget & MisFits, 2008). This was through implementation of an electronically-based infant protection system that referred to as Baby Match ™. The electronic tags are provided to mothers and their babies soon after birth thus allowing real time monitoring of the babies especially while in the hospital. Mothers are therefore reassured that they are in company of their real babies. The Baby Match ™ technology has therefore acted as an excellent security system and a source of peace of mind to mothers (Auburn Memorial Hospital, 2010a).

            In realization that the Cayuga County community requires a health facility that can attend to patients who may not have access to a private physician, Auburn memorial Hospital has established several urgent care facilities. The urgent medical care units deal with non-emergent conditions in a prompt, and a convenient manner throughout the week.  Services provided include lab services, X-rays as well as minor medical needs. In this kind of setting, patients are mainly attended on a ‘first come’ first served basis’ upon an appointment or a walk-in visit. The patient process is easy and patients are attended to by registered nurses and doctors with patients who do not have a primary care physician being assigned a follow up physician if need be. This is a display of high concern and value for patients. The urgent medical facilities that deal with such cases include Finger Lakes Medical Care Center (Auburn Memorial Hospital, 2010b) and Urgent Medical Care of Skaneateles.

            Auburn Memorial Hospital is strongly devoted to engaging the community in provision of quality care. This is done by providing the community a chance to participate in provision of quality care through volunteer and internship programs. Internship programs are available to college students who are interested in health care and are undertaking courses in heal care administration, business finance or economics. Volunteer opportunities are available for community members who would like to get involved as get new skills or simply make friendships. Persons who are interested in familiarizing with local health care facilities also find AMH an invaluable destination. In addition to internship and volunteer programs, AMH also offers employment opportunities with the local community standing a higher chance to benefit from such opportunities. Health care professionals working in the facility also have a chance to grow their careers at AMH with nurses having a great opportunity to advance their careers.

            The AMH website provides a variety of resources that are beneficial to professionals and the community. From the website, it is possible to access various health services in Finger Lakes Region. These include access to Cayuga County Emergency Management Office, Cayuga County Healthy Men & Women Partnership as well as the City of Auburn. It is also possible to link to New York state department of Health, New York State’s Smokers’ Quitline among other services in New York. Access to federal facilities and resources such as Medline Plus, the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services and the National Institutes of Health among others is also possible. Persons requiring access to medical specialties such as the American Heart Association, American Dietetic Association, American Nurses Association and National Heart Lung and Blood Institute can do so via AMH website. The site is also a hub for medical information in that it contains links to general medical sites such as, CNN Health, Discovery Health, WebMD, School Nutrition Association and iVillage health & Wellbeing (Auburn Memorial Hospital, 2010a) among other important sites.


            In deed, the Auburn Memorial Hospital website is a haven of health care information for a healthy and an ailing community. From the website, I have recognized that I can benefit both career and health-wise. Career-wise, I have identified that I can obtain internship opportunities as well as volunteer chances. There is much to reap health-wise since AMH can attend to virtually every health care need that I may have ranging from minor health needs to special needs such as radiology and emergency care. I am reassured that there is a health care provider in my community who is devoted to providing quality care and this has been proven over the last more than 100 years. By learning that AMH has a Baby Match ™ technology, I am reassured that when time comes for me to start a family, my child will be safe from abduction and mismatch. There is no doubt that Auburn Memorial Hospital is in touch with the community and it is devoted to giving back to the community as evidenced by the many community-friendly services provided in the hospital.


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