Autism and Vaccinations as Etiology

Autism and a number of other disorders that mimic autism, including Fragile X syndrome, tuberous sclerosis, and phenylketonuria, all can benefit from a variety of treatments.

All of these disorders first seem to appear after some type of other thing as well as a genetic predisposition to things.  There are so many more children being diagnosed with autism that there are now reports that nearly one out of every two hundred and fifty children will be diagnosed with one of these disorders.

There are so many things that are a part of the diagnostic process and now it is definitely diagnosed more often with the amount of information given to pediatricians as well as pediatric specialists.  Some of the disorders as well can be linked to mercury poisoning and therefore this poisoning could possibly be misdiagnosed (Holmes 2008).

Some things to know when looking at research on autism are to really know about autism itself and the symptoms and problems that are associated with the disorder.

Autism is a disorder that is a developmental delay that causes some problems with speech delays, “lack of eye contact, isolation and no fear of danger.”  These things combined create a dangerous combination in which a child can really have some problems and can have difficulty in being able to progress and learn like other children.

These delays can cause devastation for the parents and what is worse is when a child who has been developing at a normal rate and doing well suddenly is struck with this disorder.  An overwhelming number of children are starting to have these problems after being vaccinated and therefore there is much debate on these subjects and much controversy over the issues of whether or not a child should be vaccinated (Mehl-Madrona 2002).

In her article entitled “Do Vaccines Cause Autism?” Terri Maura looks into the difference between the parents of children who they have felt have been damaged by vaccines and the medical community who repeatedly states that autism can not be caused by vaccines.

The idea is that with the newer managed health care and the inability to have a personal relationship with one’s MD, there are problems with them being able to manage things with vaccines.  In the past a child’s pediatrician could talk to the parents about vaccinations in relationship to the child for which it was being considered.

However at this time without that information and without a close relationship with your child’s pediatrician it might be a good idea for a parent to be able to advocate for their child better.  This article encourages parents to be aware of the risks for vaccinations and to discuss them fully with their MD even if it requires making a special appointment so that things will not be rushed.  This article also encourages parents to learn as much as possible about their own particular risks.

What can be gained from this article is the parent’s role in fighting for their child’s health and safety.  This article also really looks into the ideas that parents need to be researching and discussing information with their physicians, it shows the lack of information available to the general public.

In David Kirby’s article, “Government Concedes Vaccine-Autism Case in Court-Now What?”  the author looks at the court case that was quietly let into the Federal Claims Court.  This meaning that although it has been claimed for years that autism can not be related back to vaccines there is now a proven connection in some cases.  This article explored the court case that was about how the child’s vaccine which was said to contain mercury.