My parents would always tell I me how hen I was younger and did not know how to tie my shoes I would sit on the c ouch for hours trying to teach myself how to do it and ask my mom why I could not do it but everyone else could. I believe that the three most important qualities, which passes and can make a great doctor, are having empathy, being a good listener, and being compassionate. Set up my life goals regularly and plan to accomplish them stepsister. My current shorter goal is to graduate from high school with high grades and t o learn as much as I can so I will be prepared for college.

It will not be that difficult to re ACH if I am responsible to my academic courses and put in the required effort before a et SST to show what I learned. Along with that, I am also working towards my scholarships so I can afford my education. By accomplishing these short term goals, I will finish the first step to reach my dream,of becoming a doctor. There are people suffering from disc eases in developing countries I would like to help these people get I would not use the word “get” better health conditions.

In order to accomplish that, I plant to engage in volunteer opportunities at local hospitals to gain experience in take Eng care of people and to learn what to expect in the future. I want to take my step to a next level of my life want to be success , great full and helping people who need it. Thanks you my parent and grandparent, they give effort, teach me how to move up in any situation or problem in life. However, respect everything ” life” treated me , thanks to the difficulties that can overcome a ND have goals to try. For me everything can make it if I know how to stand up and walk t wrought it.