Autobiography am now a fourth year student of Assumption Sincerity (ABACA) in the faculty of Business Administration with mirroring Strategic Marketing. I still remember what had driven me since childhood until before I admitted to university in the field of “Business”. My interests in business began from my families which consisted of my parents, two big brothers and me, the youngest. My name is Plains Timpanists. I was born on October 29, 1992 in Bangkok, the capital city of Thailand, with the family business as a construction company.

Our construction company had been very successful which make us rich for a while but unfortunately the economic crisis in the year of 1 997 called as “Tom Yum Gung” had occurred so we finally decided to close the family business with much of depth from that time. My family’s life had changed but we never give up. My parents had change their perception and looked around into new business again as “Insurance” for both life and casualty insurance or sometime people called as “Insurance Broker”.

We have run the business until now days which make us can pay the depth by installments back to the bank and it make us began our better life again. From my childhood experienced, business is always in my blood. I feel like I grew up from the word of “Business” even my parents had been failed from the economic crisis but I never afraid of it. Moreover, all the experience drove me to learn that business always around me and make me know how to spend life with strengthen in every step and it excited me to explore in the business field.

From that time, I am a person who always seeks for the opportunities follow my motto as “Chance never waits for you”. I love to learn and meet the new things which it always excited me. At the beginning, I was started to seek my first chance to pass the test of the famous public and well-known high school in Semitransparent Province, the province that connected to Bangkok, for the cheap tuition fees reason in order to help my mom save money for the installments with a good quality high school for my knowledge skills in the future also.

I have done many activities during high school such as Thai language poem competition, the representative from all students to sing the Thai national song in every morning and I once wrote love novel book and get published. That time, I feel like beyond the activities and routine studied in high school would not be enough for my further study or getting good jobs in the future so better in English skills would be advantage for me as the trend of second languages in English has become popular and useful.

My inspiration had begun from my friend name “Mo”; she got an exchange student scholarship to study in the united State of America for a year. Finally, after I went through much information from my entire good friends and internet which drove my second achievements had begun as I also passed the est. Of exchange student scholarship to study in United State Of America. During my life in the US, I was used it worthy to explored life, knowing people, learn culture, and find good opportunity to work some jobs there.

Especially, it was my great chance ever to be able to learn English which I do not have much basic of it and I also can speak it fluently. Moreover, this experience has expanded my family beyond in Thailand to another two families which consist of my host family and my second Thai family in the US. They were always helping me to learn life and cheer me up over there which we still keep in ouch until now a day. It was the best memories and the best chance to know someone else in other side of the world.

After I got back to Thailand, it was my senior year in high school. I was getting some E-mail from University of California which they offer me to study with them in Honor Business Program but the problem is do not have enough money to support for the whole programs so talked to my mom and we decided to cancel their offer. After that, I was intend to study in international program but the tuition fees is very expensive so I looked for the programs that offer in international program of equines with also provide full scholarship.

Finally, my luck that I have met someone name “Oh” who helps me to get the full scholarship of Assumption University, the first international university in Thailand and well-known in business field. During university life, also work with many kinds of jobs such as translator, registration and head staffs around the exhibition event in Thailand, and also help both my family business and my aunt business, student agency in Australia which I have responsible through student’s visa because I would like to take care of myself and help my mom to save cost room all expenditures.