Ayurveda and the Mind

What decreases tejas?
cooling herbs, avoiding deep thought and controversy
What is the relationship of Kundalini and prana?
Kundalini is prana Shakti, the power inherent within prana. Prana is the power that raises the kundalini energy up.
How does prana increase?
meditation, pranayama, chanting, raw foods
what are the states of PTO(prana tejas ojas) when the symptom of a patient is : excitable, over enthusiastic?
high prana, low tejas, low ojas
what is the difference in balancing the trigunas(Sattva, Rajas, Tamas) to balancing the doshas?
doshas get balances when you re-establish the balance present at conception, the subtle energies stay balanced in relationship to each other
what are the qualities that stand for ojas?
stability, contentment
Balanced Tejas means?
open mind, clarity, positive discrimination
Deficient Prana Symptoms are…
Loss of enthusiasm and motivation, depression
Prana corresponds to which dosha?
Tejas corresponds to which dosha?
Ojas is the subtle essence of this dosha
Define Psychological Imbalance according to Ayurveda?
an imbalance in the states of prana, tejas and ojas
Quality of Sattva
Pure, Clear mind, with high virtues
Tamas Symptoms in the Mind
Repressed emotions, Ignorance, Intertia
Vata when Sattvik
Spiritual Qualities manifest
Kapha when Tamasika
Pitta when sattvik
Philosophical, Not afraid of death, interest in esoteric topics related to life, death, and god
Pitta when Rajasika
Interest in sex, violence, meat eating, unhealthy behaviour
Kapha when Sattvik
Nurturing, feeding others, loving
Kapha when tamasika
Lazy, intertia, over attached, sentimental, gluttony
Annamayi sheath
Physical Body. Outer Sheath
Vijnanmayi Kosha
Buddhi or intelligence resides in this sheath.
Pranamayi Kosha
Soul. Energetic Sheath
Manomayi Kosha
Causal or Astral Body (Sukshma Sharir)
Three bodies Mind (Manomayi kosha), Intelligence and Ego combined to form our energetic Astral body
What koshas does Ayurveda focus on healing primarliy
Annamayi kosha and Manomayi kosha
What is SAT? (From Sat-Cit-Ananda of Causal body)
Absolute Truth. Divine. A part and particle of that SAT lives in us as our soul
What is Chitta?
What is Ananda?
Ananda is the ‘bliss’ that the soul feels compared to happiness the ‘physical’ body feels during sense gratification. Sense gratification is temporary. Bliss continues after we leave the body
How do you cure the Pranamaya Kosha?
By Pranayama, Living foods, and Herbs
If Anandamayi Kosha is imbalanced?
Symptoms of ‘soul’ or Anandamayi kosha being imbalanced is unhappiness, dissatisfaction, feeling of separation from divine.
What does JNANA mean?