Truth and Salsa

What is the name that Hayley Margaret Flynn wants people to call her in Mexico?
Who is the relative that Hayley will stay with in Mexico?
Her grandmother
What is the name of the town  in Mexico where Hayley’s “gran” lives?
San Miguel (de Allende)
What is the shape of the house that Hayley’s grandmother lives in?
What are the little silver charms that Hayley’s grandmother decorates picture frames with called?
What is the name of the friend that Hayley makes in Mexico?
What kind of work does Lili’s Dad do in the in United States?
Picks vegetables
What happened in Hayley’s grandmother’s house before she moved in?
A man died
Where does Hayley have her own art studio?
The chicken coop
What are Lili and Hayley excited about trying out for?
A movie
What kind of school does Hayley attend in Mexico?
The school of arts
Hayley goes to Lili’s father’s farewell party, what happens to her after the party?
She gets a parasite and gets sick
What is the bad news that Lili’s family receives about her father?
He is not being paid for his work
What does Veronica call her father?
A coyote