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Balance of payment:  Introduction balance of payment:               Balance of payment which known as BOP which is record of one county to another country or the rest of the world in one year. This is same like balance sheet which need balance of debt and credit which we have need both inflow and outflow to manage it must be in systematic way to record other country whole payment it may contain all import of good and exports of good. Its report are reported weekly, and annually. There are to main thing in balance of payment that a county is in fiscal deficit or in saver this two make thebalance payment disturb the equilibrium. There different crises occur in balance of payment like currency crisis which is occur by unable potential to pay essential import on debts so it directly affect the currency value.There are three ways to correct balance of payment  like practice of payment this can adjustment in exchange rate ,productivity ,internal price etc. Background:     Deficit words use in balance of payment mean county imports of goods are huge than its imports so a court started borrowing for their foreign countries. Word surplus use in balance payment its mean that a county exports are high than his imports than country are savers. this surplus develop the count  economic system in short term in this his industries numbers are increase so they started to hire more and more people to give him jobs.Types of balance of payment: There are three type of balance payment financial account, account of capital and the last is the current account.1. Financial account of balance of payment:     When asset ownership changes internationally it means they asset of foreign ownership converts in domestic assets ,when other country ownership increase than demotic so it create deficit there vice versa is when selling his stocks, gold’s to the foreign countries. Financial account includes securities like direct investment bounds and stock.2. Capital account of balance of payment: It collected the financial transaction occur in country like capital account does not effect by saving and income of county but it include international right like trademark and copyright of products.3. Current account of balance of payment:In this account measure the total inflow and outflow of goods, income and investment transfer payment. There are important thing of current account like physical good it may anything, invest-able goods like service or insurance and also contain international aids.If balance payment of a country is in equilibrium it mean that the country will fill his net credit or position of there different theories are explain the balance of payment like expanse rate effect on trade balance so this analysis will show by electricity approach. Another approach like is domestic spending show us on domestic output