Balanced Literacy

What are the four types of reading in the Balanced Literacy Approach?

  1. Reading Aloud
  2. Shared Reading
  3. Guided Reading
  4. Idependent Reading


What are the four types for writing in the Balanced Literacy Approach?

  1. Shared Writing
  2. Interactive Writing
  3. Guided Writing
  4. Independent Writing


What does a teacher do during a read aloud?
The teacher reads aloud to the whole class or small groups. A carefully selected body of children’s literature is used; the collection contains a variety of genres and represents our diverse society.

Favorite texts, selected for special features , are reread many times.

What does the teacher do during guided reading?
 The teacher works with a small group of students who are at about the same level in reading ability.  The teacher selects and introduces stories.  Vocabulary development and comprehension strategies are incorporated in the lessons. 
What does a teacher do during shared reading?
 Using an enlarged text that all children can see, the teachers involves children in reading together following a pointer. The process in includes: rereading big books, poems, songs rereading retellings, rereading alternative texts rereading the products of interactive writing.


What happens during independent reading?
 Students read from a wide variety of materials.  During this time teachers call up individual students for continued guided reading lessons or to assess student growth.  Rereading strategies and fluency rate are stressed. 
What does the teacher do during shared writing?
 Teacher and children work together to compose messages and stories; teacher supports process as scribe.


What does the teacher do during interactive writing?
 As in shared writing, teacher and children compose messages and stories that are written using a “shared pen” technique that involves children in the writing. 
What does the teacher do during guided writing?
 Children engage in writing a variety of texts. Teacher guides the process and provides instruction through mini lessons and conferences. 
What happens during independent writing?
 Children write their own pieces, including (in addition to stories and informational pieces) retellings, labeling, speech balloons, lists, etc.