My home is large.

A few good men.

My house is small.

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It never happened.

It turned out well.

You might be right.

Read the sentence.
The girl asked for help.
We went home.

All the people went.

Study and learn.
Change your dirty clothes.
Answer the phone.
I walk to school.
It seemed good.
We got together.
Home sweet home.
Could you see it?
Three years ago.
She is near the car.
It is below the water.
Stay a while.
It never happened.

I want something good to eat.

The people write it down.
You and I sit by the water.
Who will make it?
What will they do?
He called me.
We had their dog.
What did she say?
When would you go?
One or two will go.
Many people said yes.
How long are they?
More than the other
Come and get it.

How many words.

How many words?
Part of the time.
This is a good day.
Can you see?
Come and sit down.
I will do that.
But not me
Please go find him.
Not now, maybe later.
Look for some people.
Look for some people.
I like them.

So there you are!

Get out of the water!
A long time ago
We were there.
Have you seen it?

Could you go?

One more time.

Two are gone.
We like to read!
When do we write?
We write all day long.
The other people saw it.
What time is it?
He fell into the water.