“Based breadth of study. The discipline of biology

“Based on the results of the toxicology team, we can deduce that his death was attributed to a stroke caused by the ingestion of several drugs.” said the pathologist emotionlessly. The live autopsy had terminated, but my intellectual curiosity to gain more insight on the complex mechanisms that led to such conclusion had piqued. I was mesmerized by the notion that any intricate phenomenon can be interpreted through sheer observation, omniscient knowledge was not obligatory. However, I was not satisfied by the conclusion, a substantial segment had been unaccounted for: the psychology behind the man’s actions. What led to the man’s ingestion of drugs? Was the man in the right state of mind? I desired to gain a holistic outlook on patient-centered care. Therefore, my yearning desire to become a physician was cultivated. Moreover, these compelling inquiries led me to conclude that it is imperative for one to learn the reasoning and behavior of individuals in order to administer exceptional patient care. Consequently, I look to intertwine the disciplines of biology and psychology in order to become a successful physician, and I believe that Georgetown University is a suitable foundation for my journey.To say that Biology or the study of life is fascinating would be an understatement. The euphoric satisfaction of unraveling the natural mechanisms which dominate our life is one that is unparalleled. Yet, the beauty of biology lies in its breadth of study. The discipline of biology is one that harmoniously incorporates other subjects in order to yield a better understanding of how the world functions. Most notably, I am enthralled by its humanistic aspect. Our genetic composition, the complexity of the brain, anatomy, and physiology are all interdisciplinary aspects worthy of investigation. Whereas biology provides a thorough understanding of the mechanisms and intricate processes that is evident in living matter, psychology seeks to provide comprehension regarding the interaction between cognition and behavior of living organisms. I am especially intrigued by behavioral psychology as it provides insight regarding conscious and subconscious aspects of behavior. Such knowledge would be employed in various spheres of human activity, including the treatment of illnesses. Through a biological perspective, I would be able to comprehend the biological basis of behavior and mental states. As a result, I will be able to successfully answer the questions I have proposed during the autopsy. Altogether, my pursuit of an enriched understanding of psychology would greatly complement my comprehension in the discipline of biology. Undeniably, Georgetown College would provide the suitable environment in which I am able to weave my interests in biology and psychology in a feasible manner. By majoring in Biology, I will be able to satisfy and develop my intellectual curiosity in discovering the natural principles in which all living organism abide by. Simultaneously, I plan to minor in the field of Psychology to gain an enriched understanding of the symbiotic relationship that is present in mental processes and behavior. Specifically, I plan to enroll in PSYC-001 General Psychology and courses which constitute the two major areas of psychology including Developmental and Social Foundations and Cognitive and Biological Foundations. Additionally, I intend to supplement my education outside the classroom through research opportunities and independent studies. Specifically, I plan to participate in RISE (Research Intensive Senior Experience) and Tutorial Research which would enrich my understanding regarding research design while granting an internship. Concurrently, I plan to enroll in PSYC 401-403 Research Experience-based Learning which would cultivate my comprehension regarding the methods in which psychologist implement to generate knowledge.  Altogether, I firmly believe that Georgetown University will provide the suitable resources in order to fulfill my interests in biology and psychology. Surely, Georgetown University will provide me with a profound foundation in my endeavor to becoming a successful physician.