Basically, the very responsibility of this profession is to ensure proper

Having a degree is one of the most admired achievements in the life an individual. It is the basis of how your future will become. If you have a nice and much known degree then you have the greater chances of being hired the moment you graduate.

Health Information Management was the very first thing that came into my mind when I was about to decide on what profession shall I take.

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Ever since, I have always been interested in the activities in the hospital setting in terms of the security of the patients and the quality of care that are being rendered to them. I am very concerned with how the hospitals offers services to their clients as well as in gathering appropriate information’s needed for the welfare of the patients/ clients. These things inspired me to pursue BS Health Information Management.

Basically, the very responsibility of this profession is to ensure proper and equal services being given to patients in the hospitals. They are the ones who assure that utmost confidentiality is being offered. They serve as an overseer and assistant in the monitoring of such health care providers to properly secure the rights of the patients.

They do this by collecting data’s or information’s from the patients and thru it they will do proper assessment with regards to the patient’s status as well as with the health care provider’s administration that is involved.

The welfare being shown towards other individuals and the concern accompanying it are the factors that’s makes this profession very inspiring and encouraging that made me decide to pursue having this career. The sense of being satisfied inwardly because you know that you have helped someone through the work or services you has offered to them.

Also, health information management requires someone to be knowledgeable in the areas of using computers and this made me more interesting in taking up this degree because I am already well versed when it comes to computers and I am very much eager to learn more by exploring and experiencing it myself.

I know I am very much fit in this profession for I am very willing to learn and I am diligent when it comes to studies. I will do whatever it takes for me to be the best of what I can be in this profession. I will surpass every hardships or travails that may come my way as a student in this degree.

I have the patience and I am very much outgoing which I think can contribute to the aforementioned profession. Patience is needed because I will be dealing with individuals with different personalities as well as different backgrounds, being outgoing is also important so that people will be able to build that rapport and trust in me so that I will be able to do my job well with no hindrances at all.

I was once the President of an organization we had in high school. I also received an award for being an outstanding youth leader in our school. I think these achievements that I had gained will greatly contribute to my being a health information manager in the future. As managers, they have the authority, the power to make and enforce rules. With the experience I have, I will be ready to face the situations that may arise and I will be able to easily adjust or to cope with the environment of the career I have chosen.

I know having a degree in Psychology will let me become more productive. I could help my family, especially in dealing with situations that needs application of the theories that will be studied in Psychology. I firmly believe that thru this course I would have lots of friends, because I know how to deal with them properly in such a way that I understand them, I could also give advices or counseling whenever they need it, and also with the society around me.

That is why I am choosing Health Information Management as my degree for I am very certain of the things that are about to happen in my life that would be a dramatic change in my outlook on life and with how I deal with others successfully.

The moment I succeed and finally become a health information manager, I will hire those with good character and those that have skills. Character is more than what we talk about; it is who we really are. Who and what we are determines how we see things. How we see the world around us determines how we react and make decisions affecting others and ourselves.

We cannot separate a man’s action from his character. A man of character means that he is committed for a good cause, that the welfare and needs of others is important to him, that he seeks peace rather than war, that the decisions he makes is for the best interest if not for all, then at least for the majority. It does not mean definitely that any man of good character may become a worker. Skills and character must go hand in hand.