BB – Curriculum 5 & 6

In the traditional model, the teacher being described as an interior decorator rather than the architect means what?
The teacher is not in charge of the purpuse or design of instruction.  The teacher is only in charge of the delivery of the instruction.
In the planning process of the instuctional cycle, the key to success is __________.
True or False: Teaching is about students learning rather than teachers talking.
What are the two levels of classroom planning?
preparation and delivery
Teachers plan instruction based on their assumptions of _____  ____________  ________.
how learning occurs
What are the three “families of learning?”
behavioral, developmental, and perceptual
Of the three “families of learning,” which one has the students as the key to learning?
Teaching students how to learn, or optimizing learning to sometimes called ___________.
Instruction in the classroom is a subset of ______________.
What is the new organizational pattern that is emerging in the United States school system?
K-8 Schools
True or False: The socialization function of the early grades does not need to be updated, even though more children are attending daycare before kindergarten.
What is the Old Deluder Stan Act?
Required towns to establish common schools and grammar schools so that men could read scriptures and escape Satan
Who was the person most responsible for the modern elementary school?
Johann Heinrich Pestalozzi
Massachusetts had the first board of education established and ______________ was the first secretary.
Horace Mann
John Dewey’s principle for learning was what?
“Learning by Doing”
What educational movement heavily influenced the elementary curriculum until 1957?
In what two eras did teachers see a decline in the enrollment of students in elementary classes?
1970s and 1980s
What is key to a successful grouping arrangement?
What are two common terms used for grouping in elementary schools?
hererogeneous and homogeneous
Phonics is known as ____________; __________.
basic-skills instruction
True or False:; Teaching to the test has become a common practice in too many classrooms.
Language arts contain what communication skills?
reading, writing, listening, and speaking
What arts are included in elementary schools?
visual and performing arts
According to PL 94-142 what is the most appropriate education for students with disabilities?
least restrictive environment
What are the two basic types of organization groups for instruction?
horizontal and vertical