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This idea can clearly be seen the rough the essay as Squawk writes, “the United States generates about eighteen tons of pollution um each year this essentially instills that humans are already poisoning the earth and should be come more aware of it. Squawk hopes that the reader will now be Informed of the harms or “poison ins of the earth” that humans are allowing to be unleashed onto the Earth. 2. ) Rivers, oceans, and the lower atmosphere are three mechanisms that are use d for the cleansing of the earth.

Each mechanism is used for an essential duty and is re spoonbills for cleaning the land, sea, and air. Squawk points out that humans must complete lay rid the Earth of these environmentally beneficial factors to completely reach a state of a poison Ned Earth. 3. ) Practices that are potentially destructive to our environment include nuclear r sectors, deep oil drilling, and working with machines that produce carbon emissions’. Each one provides a practical function as nuclear reactors are used for energy; however creates an immense amount of nuclear waste.

Deep oil drilling is utilized to create fuel for cars and other try inspiration, yet oil spills are extremely detrimental to habitats. Using machines that produce carbon emissions are used for transportation and everyday purposes, though result in CO MME sessions’ and global warming. All of these are used everyday by mankind, who are commonly nun are with the detrimental consequences. These activities are allowed regardless of their en active side effects since they serve an essential role in society by allowing for transportation, en erg, and even make life more simplistic.

However, these same goals that are being strives of r from these practices can be reached through alternative energy, battery powered trains rotation, and reduced carbon emissions. Questions on Writing Strategy: Kazoo’s instructions are quite accurate and detailed on how humans go ABA UT to poison the earth. Unfortunately humans are able to carry out all the steps that she a dresses in her essay, because these steps are already being practiced by mankind.

Nuclear waste is being made, humans are dumping waste into bodies of water, and deep drilling is happens Eng. The author would not want to reveal how to create or set of a nuclear bomb because so neon out there would actually make an attempt to do so. This is explained through the auto or’s sarcasm when she says humans should poison the earth. She does not actually wish for the earth to be destroyed, but rather advocates for humans to realize what they are doing to the earth currently, and take responsibility for their actions.

Squawk organizes her essay through a chronologically based argument. Each step varies on the process prior to it in order to be completed. This method is it especially y practical, because it causes the reader to come to the realization how humans are currently poss. ongoing the earth. Humans are essentially doing all of what she is already addressing in her essay y and it is clearly having harming effects on the earth, resulting in pollution, deforestation, and hazardous water supplies.

This is extremely compelling and forces the reader to realize that huh mans need to take responsibility for the harm they have brought to the Earth. . ) The intended audience of this essay are the average human being. This can b e seen by the author writing the essay in satirical style that criticizes humanity and is target deed at the everyday person who permits environmentally harmful practices such as nuclear react Ours or pollution of the air to occur in the first place. 4. ) The essay gives off a sarcastic, skeptical, and slightly bitter tone.

This essay is apparent satire aimed at the human faults of environmentally harming the EAI Roth. The mere title and the essay instills the point she aspires to prove, that humans are already singsong the earth. The tone immensely contributes to her satire, because with an absence Of a s racist tone the reader would more than likely actually take her writing seriously. From her us e of the sarcastic tone this essay is considered a satire, not exactly a radical plan to bring demise e to all life on earth. . ) Squawk uses the sentence, “we should generate as much waste as possible” to carry out the poisoning of the earth. Humans are indicated to execute this process, esp. Cecilia normal human beings who live their everyday lives. All humans are to be held response Siebel for their hoicks, and responsible for the environmental downfall they have allowed to get out of hand. 6. ) Squawk uses specific examples since they are practiced in everyday life and pr sent some of the most dangerous effects.

These examples vary from nuclear power plan TTS to a combustion engine car. Some serious pollutants that Squawk does not address in his essay specifically are Carbon Dioxide, plastics, other harmful chemicals, as well as deforestation. Questions on Language: These phrases emphasized in Kazoo’s writing signal the tone of the essay sin CE they portray satirical and sarcastic comments reaching the conclusion that human are already committing these actions.

Humans are depicted as already contaminating lake sees, rivers, fresh water sources, and land,which is showing its deterioration to the environment . These phrases should be read and analyzed sarcastically as well as metaphorically due to the fact that they are not meant to be read as serious, but rather employed to form a logical argue .NET. 2. ) Generate: produce (energy, especially electricity).