Behavior Project

Class Meeting’s are to set what?

  • Mutual Goals
  • Solve Problems
  • Plan activities

Negative Reinforcement is….?
Removal of a stimuus to increase engagement in desirable behaviors.
Positive Feedback
Recognizing a student behavior by providing some judgment about the appropriateness of the behavior.
Time Out …?
It occurs when the students is removed from the classroom situation.
Response Cost -?
involves the loss of somehting tangible or intangible.
Punishment is….?
The presentation or removal of a stimulus or event after a response, which desreases the likelihood or probabiliry of that response.
Dreikurs four mistaken goals…

1. Attention

2. Power or Control

3. Revenge or getting even

4. Display of inadequacy

Hierarchy of reinforcers include…

  • Consumable
  • Tangible
  • Token
  • Activiry
  • Privilege
  • Peer recognition
  • Teacher approval
  • Self-satisfaction

Verbal Reprimands are….
Short, targeted commnts designed to address a specific misbehavior.
Overcorrection Refers to…
The act of having the students perform a duty or task to compensate for what happened.