Benefits attract a repeat order from previous customers.

Benefits of Online Marketing

The Benefits of using Online portals for marketing a small
or large business may vary but the ability to measure the scale by which how
beneficial a portal is to the firm has a huge impact on the firm as well gives
an insight to how customers react and interact with the portal in return given
the company the opportunity to distinguish between paying customers, further
analysis can also be done to better determine which channel was more beneficial
and which portal can be changed or reused again




A study can be done for the user experience towards web or
mobile app to help determine the following aspects of online marketing;


of the following online marketing portals was the more beneficial and cost
efficient for acquiring important date in regards to their potential
clients, such as rate or visitors or the total sum of visitors buying on
and from the website.


of the following portal was more effective at collecting and implementing a
higher value for customers an example for that would be email
marketing as to attract a repeat order from previous customers.


group of customers are showing a strong interest in the product and are a
key customer to an opportunity to upsell the product at hand. A mobile app
is an example as many people tend to spend a lot of time on their mobile