Best communicators in the world

How to talk to anyone, anytime, anywhere”, “The uncommon wisdom of Opera Winfred’, “The audacity of hope”,” The story of my experiments with truth” And many other masterpieces created by the best communicators in history are still representing their theory and showing off their competence and proficiency in communication. “l have a dream… A popular speech that almost everyone knows about the content, shows that Martin Luther king was successful in conveying his message to the world and is still alive in people’s mind because in his speeches there was a feeling of mutual trust between him and the audience. He was a leader; in the responsibility of leadership caring is vital, it was one of his specific traits. Larry King is well-known as an expert television host in talk shows; the main reason is his ability to start challenging conversations with famous people with a direct and peaceful approach.

Furthermore the atmosphere of the conversations with King is both friendly and frank so that everyone can find anything about the interviewed. One of the most flawless communications is seen in Opera Wineries shows where she tries to have a very friendly, cherished and also frank conversation with her guests and also the audience watching her feel as though she is speaking directly to them. Whatever we see in her is positive and it makes her so charismatic and the creative person in her field. Voice tone, body language and an appropriate usage of words are important things a president must consider while communicating with people.

President Bark Beam’s moral sense is he thing that must conduct people in a good way as if they all know whatever he does is devoted to the country. What some people and I think is Obama has these traits to have a competence communication with people. The last character that I want to mention is the one who could achieve a tremendous success only with his route to communicate; only by words he could make a big change. His unique personality traits always made him a winner in negotiations and in public he could make people believe in him as well and be in his stream to take their country to a better position.

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