Best Practices in Reading and Writing

The ability to correctly decipher a particular word out of a group of letters.
Name two of the skills involved in decoding.
Phonemic awareness and phonics.
Phonemic awareness
The understanding that spoken words are made up of individual units of sound.
The understanding of the relationship between the letters in written words and the sounds of these words when spoken.
Individual sounds within words.
The study of word structure.
The ability to read text accurately and smoothly with little conscious attention to the mechanics of reading
Read aloud
Repeated oral reading of text rich in meaning or language. Usually are class favorites and used as a base for other activities.
Shared Reading
The teacher introduces and reads an enlarged text or a small text of which each child has a copy. Children may join in, reading in unison. Use of overhead is a good idea.
Guided Reading
The teacher works with a small group of children who have similar reading processes and supports children reading the text to themselves by “listening in.” The teaching points are made during and after the reading individually or to the entire group.
Partner reading
Two students are paired based on their fluency (fluent students with less fluent students)and read a passage to one another.
Name the two/three primary types of vocabulary.
oral/aural vocabulary, and print vocabulary.
Oral/Aural vocabulary
The collection of words one has used in speaking and listening.
Print vocabulary
Words used in reading and writing.