Bien pretty paper

While having a very effective sentence structure a ND word choice as the basis of her argument, she also used English and Spanish to build up her those, as an example “When Flavor accidentally hammered his thumb, he never yelled “Ouch! ” he said “Ay! ” (Concerns 596), and then she trying to use the audience’s weakness for love stories to persuade her opinion upon them. In this story the author really wants to convey how great is the Spanish in comparison to English.

In her writing, She uses a bunch of really nice long descriptions appealing to the reader’s sense Of pathos side to get the me to really feel good about the language of Spanish. For example, “… Those words smelled like e your house, like flour tortillas, and the inside of your daddy’s hat… (Concerns 596). At the Sam e time she then uses pathos in the other way and gives no such description about English insist dead makes it sound dark and unappealing. For example, “English with its starched re’s and g’s.

Eng shish with its crisp linen syllables” (Concerns 597). The uses these examples to get the reader to f eel like Spanish is free and everything you should like, while at the same time making you thing English is restricting you from saying everything you want. Concerns boosts her credibility in her article by not only being able to speak in English, but in Spanish as well. This is helpful because she talks about both languages and compares them to one another and so knowing both gives her a better sense of which o en is better.

For example, “But Spanish whirred like silk, rolled and puckered and hissed” (Coins Eros 597). She ironically uses very nice sounding words in English to make the reader feel like e Spanish is greatest, and then turns It around using English against itself. This creates if you look closer at it, a more biased opinion of both of the languages. She does do a clever thing in trying to hide her bias almost in her love story for Flavor. N accordance to the audience who is probably reading this, young to older female adults, the write re’s style is effective.

She really plays on that love story that all women tend fall for, literal Ill persuading them to “love” Spanish. Once again really using pathos the writer uses emote on to her advantage in creating a very effective approach for her argument of Spanish b Ewing the greatest language. When the audience is reading this article they pay more attention t o how the love story ends up and are oblivious to the subconscious blow they were dealt. The e writer found meeting the audience liked and just snuck what she wanted to persuade rig HTH in the middle of it.