bill of rights

The First Amendment:

Provides Americans with freedom of speech, religion, and assembly.
The Second Amendment:
`Gives people the right to keep and bear arms (guns and other weapons)
The Third Amendment:
Keeps homeowners from having to let soldiers stay in their homes.
The Forth Amendment:
Protects people from having their homes unlawfully searched
The Fifth Amendment:
Outlines steps that must be taken if someone is charged with crimes.
The Sixth Amendment:
Gurantees fair and speedy trials for people who are charged with crimes.
The Seventh Amendment:
Covers civil lawsuits that involve private rights;Such cases may be brought to a jury trial if they involve a sum of $20 or more
The Eight Amendment:
Protects people who commit a crime from cruel and unusual punishment.
The Ninth Amendment:
Gurantees rights that may not be mentioned in the Bill of Rights
The Tenth Amendment:
Limits the federal government by saying that powers not given to the federal government under the constitution belong to the states and the people.