Bio asesmnet unit

You would expect lunges salamanders to Answer: be restricted to smaller and/or thinner body plans. What is the main reason that mammals underwent adaptive radiation after the demise of the dinosaurs? Answer: The mammals had little competition so it was easier for them to evolve into the niches that were once occupied by the dinosaurs. Which term can be applied to all of the vertebrates except for the jailers fish? Answer: Anemometers Which of the following groups of chordates would be most impacted by a decrease in the phytoplankton levels in the ocean? Articulating fish & cheeseboard’s incorrect : mollusks & cheeseboard’s incorrect: amphibians & orchestrate cheeseboard’s & orchestrate Which of the following features were required for the the evolution of the amphibians? Answer: notched, mammary glands, jaws, bony skeleton, lungs and 4 limbs Where on this phylogeny tree of primate evolution do you find the evolution of humans and species very closely related to humans? Correct No. 1 Where on this phylogeny tree of primate evolution do you find evolution of the hominids? Correct No. 3 What were the major disadvantages of our early ancestors becoming bipedal?

Answer: Lower back problems developed. Which of the following species, in the human evolutionary line, are believed to have been bipedal but still spent time living in the trees? Answer: Readership’s armadas Which species of Homo is most closely related to the Psychotherapeutics? Answer: orderliness. Psychotherapeutics were apelike above the waist and humanoid below the waist. This is an example of Answer: mosaic evolution. A major development in the evolution of primates is stereoscopic vision. This development is associated with a decline in the importance of smell. Yes in front of the head. Binocular field of vision. Correct All of the choices are correct. In what order did these organisms diverge from the lineage of the common ancestral primate? Answer: provisions, monkeys, gibbons, orangutans, gorillas and chimpanzees, hominids Homo erects succeeded in new and colder environments because they occupied caves, used fire, and were more capable of obtaining and eating meat as a substantial part of their diet. This is an example of Answer: biochemical evolution. The stone tools and the dentition of Homo habits indicate that early humans ere Answer: omnivores that could either scavenge or hunt for meat.

Which is most closely associated with negative feedback? Answer: As the temperature falls in a house, the heater comes on. Responsible for receiving, interpreting, and producing a response to stimuli. Answer: Nervous tissue make up more than half the volume of the brain. Answer: Neuralgia An average person has about neurons. Answer: 1 trillion Which organs are located in the ventral cavity of the body? Answer: stomach, liver, heart and bladder Which Of the following statements about epithelial tissue is NOT true?

Answer: Columnar epithelium is cube-shaped with the nucleus near the upper surface of the cells. Exocrine glands secrete products onto the surface of the skin and are classified as tissue. Answer: epithelial In lactation, the more a baby suckles his mother’s breast to obtain milk, the more milk is produced. This is a Answer: positive feedback loop. What is most likely to occur when an individual is exposed to LIVE radiation? Answer: The melancholy’s will produce melanin, the melanin is distributed into epidermal cells, a steroid is converted into vitamin D and stem cells can mutate leading to cancer.