Biological determinants of Health

Biological determinants of behavior and the psychological

Behavioral changes have been one of the widely perplexing subjects in the human development. Many people have remained in dilemma about how human behavior is affected and developed.

This is because, during the development of the human life, there is an array of behavioral changes. Some of the people think that behavior is determinant largely by environmental factors while others are more inclined to the biological factors.

Besides these, other elites believe that the behaviors that  is portrayed in our  live is as a contribution of the  socials status,  hence social factors  make major part of behavioral attributes. It is through this sophisticated behavioral determinants and changes that make many of the people interested and enthusiastic in investigating more of biological determinants of behavior as well as the relationship of such to the psychological changes in the life span of man.

For many decades, scientist and psychologists have eminent researched on sex as a major biological determinant of our behavior. This has results into heated hot debates. The proponents of sex as a biological determinant of our behaviors and the manners in which we think, feel and react   have based their argument on the complex of human body system.

They argue that each and every part of the body system has its designated role. The coordination of human body system enables it to perform its entire obligation in the daily bases. The function of the body organs and systems are largely controlled by even small streams of substances. These small units of function control purposes are the main determinant of what make us what we are in behavioral terms. (Michael, 2005)

Undoubtedly, our biological behavior and psychological changes are affected in many ways. However, the biological behavior controls are internally instilled and little can be done about. While we display different biological behaviors in our life, we should not be afraid on how they are adapted within the body. This is because genetic materials which make it possible for us different sexes also affect our biological behavior that makes changes of our thinking, feeling and action to emanate.

Thus, behavioral and behavioral changes as well as the psychological changes that are displayed are as an effect of genetic controls. Although biological behaviors and psychological changes are invisibly controlled through internal means, there is absolute deceive these are the only way our thinking, feeling and acting is developed. The environment in which we are part of influences our behavioral choice. (Michael, 2005)