Birdman Birdman is a movie directed by Alexandra Inerrant which stars Michael Keating as Rigging Thomson and Edward Norton as Mike Shiner. There are many great qualities of this movie that make it stand out from the rest. It is directed as if it were one continuous shot, the script was comical and surprising, and every actor in the movie gave a terrific performance. Birdman is a film everybody should experience at least once. Birdman is a film about a man (Rigging Thomson) who, 20 years ago played superhero named Birdman.

Since then, he feels he hasn’t been recognized for his true talent. Rigging comes up with a brilliant idea to direct a play, which he will also star in. On one night of rehearsing a spotlight falls on one of the actors, causing Rigging and his crew to have to find a replacement. They end up getting in contact with Mike SSH inner who is the best actor on Broadway. As the nights of rehearsal continue, Mike gradually shows how much of a control freak he is. He ends up changing a few lines of the script, and even thinks he owns the theater and Rigging’s play.

As stated, Birdman is directed as if it were one continuous shot. The genius behind this idea is Alexandra Inerrant. The director was able to achieve this by clever use of lighting and camera panning. By directing the movie this way, he was able to get the point of view of the actors and made the movie seem realistic. The actors had to be skilled and focused to be able to pull off these long scenes since there are cuts that aren’t made visible to the audience. Since this movie was unpredictable, it flowed freely and left o wanting to know where the actors would go next.