Blood on the River James Town

Why did the boy want the locket from the pawnshop?
It belonged to his Mom who had died
How did the boy and his mom end up in the poorhouse?
He and his Mom were kicked out of their cottage b/c they could not pay rent b/c of the rotting crops
How did the boy’s Dad die?
He drank himself to death
What was hung on poles at the top of the London Bridge?
The severed heads of people who betrayed the crown of England
Who would Richard be the servant of in the New World?
Reverend Hunt
Samuel would be whose servant in the New World?
Captain John Smith
Why is the Virginia Company being sent to the New World by King James?
To explore for gold, silver, jewels, and a new passage to the Orient
What was Samuel’s Dad trying to teach him when he ruined the piece of iron?
What is the name of the ship that Samuel, Richard, and Reverend Hunt travel on?
Susan Constant
Which deck do Samuel and Richard have to stay on the ship?
The ‘tween deck
What is Samuel’s philosophy?
“Trust no one”
When Samuel feels well enough to climb to the upper deck, what does he notice about the ocean?
The ocean was so clear and blue that he could see the yellow stripes on the silver fish
What does Master Wingfield accuse Capt. John Smith of?
Intent to overthrow the government of the mission, murder the council members and make himself ruler
How long does the contract with the Virginia Company last?
7 years
What month did the men set sail from England
What is the name of the first place the ship anchors?
Canary Islands
What does Richard tell the other boys that the people of the New World do instead of wear clothing?
They paint themselves different colors, have tattoos, shave head on one side.
What did Richard tell the other boys that the Indians do to people?
They chop people up for their cook pots and eat them
How did Capt. John Smith communicate with the natives?
With his hands and a few Algonquin words
What is the name of the language that the natives spoke?
What are the names of the other two boats on the voyage?
Godspeed and Discovery
What did the manchineel tree do to Henry’s skin?
The sap from the tree caused Henry to develop red welts on his arms and legs.
What empire did Capt. John Smith escape from?
He escaped from the Turks of the Ottoman Empire where he was captured as a slave
Why does Samuel think that the Indians attack Archer, Wotton, and a  sailor?
It is Indian land and the Indians do not want the settlers there
There is a box that they were not supposed to open until they got to Virginia, what does it have in it?
The names of the men chosen by the Virginia company to be the leaders and also directions.
What does Capt. Smith say the Indians are really doing when bringing the baskets of goods?
The Indians are spying
What kind of book does Capt. Smith give Samuel?
A book of Algonquin words
Why was Master Wingfield arrested
He was storing wine, beef, eggs, and oatmeal on the Discovery
Why did the Indians show up with baskets of food for the starving settlers?
They were from a friendly tribe that wanted to trade
Why are the settlers looking for a path to the Orient?
They wanted to find a way to buy silk and spices without having to deal with the Turks of Ottoman Empire
What stopped the gentlemen from packing up the Discovery and leaving during the Winter?
Capt. John Smith’s arrival back to the camp and they were angry about the news that Emry and Robinson died
Who is the girl who saves Capt Smith from being killed by the Powhatans?
Pocahontas, the chief’s daughter
What happens to the settlers’ fort and the palisades that they built?

A fire destroys everything

What did Samuel find out was really happening when the Powhatan’s  were going to kill Capt. Smith?
It was just a ceremony showing that Capt. Smith had become a son of the chief
For what reason were Master Wingfield and Master Archer sent back to England?
Who was sent to England with Masters Wingfield and Archer?
Why were the settlers angry with President Ratcliffe?
He wanted the men to build him a big house in the woods and he threatened them if they didn’t do it
When Reverend Hunt tries to tell Namontack about God, what does Namontack do?
Namontack starts to tell Rev. Hunt about the Indian’s Gods and how the Indians were created
What does King James want the Chief Powhatan to do?
Become a prince under him
What do the Powhatan do when Capt. Smith and the others hear shrieking and hollering from the woods?
They do a ceremonial dance around the fire for the settlers
Who warned Capt Smith of the Powhatan attack?
Why do the Powhatan keep their hair short on one side and long on the other?
So it won’t get caught in the bow string
Who did Samuel feel were the real savages?
The Englishmen
Which colonist is injured when the powder bag explodes?
Capt. John Smith
What was the name of the 1st baby born in the colony?
When some of the original settlers went to set up a new camp, what does Ann Laydon decide to do?
She decides that she and her baby will stay in James Town
What is Samuel’s solution for getting Ann to go to the new settlement?
Stealing the baby
What happened at James Town after some of the settlers left for Point Comfort?
The Powhatans ambushed the settlers who were going to trade for food and many were killed and died of starvation