How often is the PLR(periodic lot report) submitted?
monthly between the first and eighth of the month
The PLR contains what information?
National stock numberLot numbercurrent condition codeQuantity of each item
How long after a change in inventory of ammunition and pyro is an ATR to be submitted?
48 hours
What does TMT stand for?
Training Management Tool
When are you required to fill out an AOPS report?
within 72 hours of activity
What does the Activity logs report consist of?
All the resources within a unit,group, district , or area
A cutter with two small boats is required to maintain how many activity logs?
Who is required to submit a Boat Inspection Report?
All boats less than 65 feet long
A detailed inspection of each boat shall be conducted when?
not to exceed one year between inspections
When shall a special inspection be completed?
when a boat is transferred or disposed of
How long after the inspection is completed do you have to submit it?
Submissions shall be made within 10 days
How many copies are made of the report?
An original with 2 copies, original to MLC, the unit retains a copy, one copy forwarded to the area/ district boat managers
What are the three methods used to acquire supplies and/or services?
DRMO-from CG or other Gov’t agenciesMILSTRIP- standard requisitioning and issue proceduresDirect purchase from a commercial source(last resort)
When using FEDLOG what do you need to enter to begin your search?
Item name,National Stock Number,Manufacturers part number
What form is a surf requisition log?
CG 4940
What form is a procurement request?
DOT F 4200.1
When would you use a surf requisition log?
To provide info for Gov’t supplies
When would you use a procurement request?
To provide info on commercial supplies
How many classes of messages are used throughout the military?
What class is the official message originated by Gov’t and agencies?
Class B
What are the three parts of the official CG message?
Heading, Text, Ending
How many precedence categories are there and what are they?
Four- routine(r), priority(p), immediate(o), and flash(z)
How many characters are there in a DTG(Day/Time/Group)?
How many classification designator’s are there, and what are they?
Who is responsible for determining the classification?
The originating unit
What element identifies the subject matter of the message?
(SSIC) Standard Subject Identification Code
What does the subject line indicate?
The basic content of the message
What is the final part of a Class B message?
(EOM)”End of Message”-“NNNN” indicates EOM
What are the three types of LE Sitrep’s?
Initial, Subsequent, Final
How many paragraphs are within a LE Sitrep?
What are the three types of SAR Sitrep’s?
Initial, Subsequent, Final
How many paragraphs are within a SAR Sitrep?
What is the last paragraph header in the final SAR Sitrep?
Case status
How many hours befor egetting U/W do you start checkoff’s?
48 hrs
Prior to getting U/W when do you tune and peak the radars?
1 hr
What is MX?
Point of Execution
What is e-r?
Reference ship vector designation
What are the three methods used in solving intercept problems?
Given speed- course to steer; Given course- true speed; Given time- course and speed
What is the time that it takes you to compute a problem?
Dead Time
What is e-tw?
Vector- true wind direction and speed
What is r-aw?
Vector- true wind speed
What is e-r?
Own ships course and speed
What is e-aw?
Apparent wind direction and speed
Wind is always expressed in terms of the direction it is?
Coming from
The velocity and direction from which the wind is blowing is known as?
True wind
The velocity and true direction from which the relative wind is blowing is known as?
Apparent wind
The DR position is marked with a?
Where do you record all bearings, ranges and soundings used in Navigation?
Standard Bearing Book OPNAV FORM 3520/2
What is the maximum time between fixes?
1 hr
An estimated position is labeled with?
A small square
What symbol indicates a fix using radar ranges and visual bearings?
A triangle
Unit commanders shall conduct a material inspection of the units boats how often?
Once a month
What are the two basic types of material inspections?
Formal-annually ; Informal-monthly
Who is responsible for regulating and outfitting and stowage on non-standard boats?
District Commanders
How often should personnel who use air purifying respirators undergo a fit test?
Who should you request assistance from in completing a respirator fit test?
Commander(r), MLC, District Commander(m)
How often should training be held for respirators?
All personnel shall wear hearing protection when there is a continuous sound of?
84 dBA
Double hearing protection shall be worn when the level is above?
104 dBA
Who is required to have a hearing conservation program?
All CG units
Who is required to maintain a hull history card?
All cutters that are 65 feet or greater
Who is responsible for maintaining the hull history card?
the First Lieutenant
Who is required to maintain a boat record?
Shore baseds units
The boat record has how many sections?
How long are you required to keep the boat inspection reports?
3 years
On a cutter where should the boat record be kept?
Machinery history
Materials and aerosols having a flash point below 200F are in what category?
Category I
What is not to be kept in a Flammable Locker?
What is not to be kept in a Flammable Locker?
What color must a flammable locker be?
All flammable lockers are required to have what?
To reduce the risk of fire or explosion, lockers shall contain no more than?
60 gallons of flammable products; 120 gallons of combustible material in any one cabinet
The paint records are to be kept in one of what three places?
Cutters-Hull history; Small boats-boat record; Shore units- paint log
What is the primary means for communicating the hazards of a workplace?
Units that generate more than 100 kilograms of hazardous waste in a calendar year shall conduct inspections how often?
Inspection records/logs are to be kept for how long?
3 years
Flammable storage cabinets are to conform to what National Fire code?
Number 30
The weapons Petty Officer must be a ____ or higher?
Small arms are defined as what caliber and less?
50 caliber and shotguns
Who will designate a petty officer to maintain the units small arms?
How often will the small arms and ammunition be accounted for?
How often will inventories be done of the small arms and ammunition?
What is the minimum and maximum interval between monthly inventories?
Not less than 23 days or greater than 35 calendar days
How many persons must be present to conduct an inventory?
How often do inspect pyro?
Ready sevice pyro shall be inspected how often?
What is issued annually and is a listing of all small arms under the units cognizance?
What category is the .50 cal according to the AA?
Category II
What category is the shoulder line-throwing gun?
Category IV
Category III and IV arms shall be stored in?
An approved armory; A Class 5 GSA approved weapons container
Any weapons container with an empty weight of less than 500 lbs shall be secured to the premises unless?
It is protected by an Intrusion Detection System(IDS); Located within an armory or vault
Weapons storage racks shall be inspected when?
Quarterly and recorded in the Small Arms log or Ordnance log
Where should you store pyro?
In a cool, dry, well-ventilated space
Where should a list of unaccompanied access be posted?
Inside of the armory
Who shall be custodian of the keys to all spaces containing ammunition and explosives?
Who may authorize or direct the transfer of small arms to any CG unit or other Gov’t Law Enforcement agency?
All items that are to be transferred must fill out an?
The monthly ordnance inventory must include a physical comparison of the weapons what?
Serial Numbers
Shore units are required to maintain what logs?
Small Arms log; Privately owned logs; Magazine log; These three may be combined into one known as the Ordnance log
Ordnance logs shall be retained aboard for a minimum of?
3 years
How many required sections are there in a Small Arms Log?
The Small Arms log shall be what kind of book?
Hardback book
What is the first section of the Small Arms log and what does it contain?
The Inventory; it contains the model, serial number, and storage location
Small arms may be loaned for a period no longer than what?
30 days
Where is the accountability check logged?
Daily log sheet and is performed daily
Where is all maintenance and inspections performed logged at?
List of Satisfactory completed
Whenever a casualty occursto a small arms it is recorded where?
Casualties and corrections section
What is the only round count that must be kept?
For each .50 caliber barrel
Any magazine reading of 100 or more is recorded in red and a report shall be made per what?
NAVSEA OP 4 Chapter 7 and NAVSEA OP 5 Chapter 11 for shore units
What are the three sections of the magazine log?
Magazine location; Magazine Inspection; Magazine log temperature
How many hours do you have to forward applicable portions of the NAR to those units within your AOR?
24 hrs
How many hours do you have to respond via an ATR with applicable changes?
72 hrs
Three copies are made of the R-865 and sent to whom?
Commanding Officer, Headquarters units, and District Commanders
A minimum of how many persons shall conduct the annual inventory and verification,and one must not be associated with the weapons dept?
The National Stock Number is a _____ digit code?
The Standard Distribution List(SDL) is a list of what?
CG Units, by type
Directives, Publications, and Reports Index (DRPI)is divided into how many sections?
Chapters 2 and 3 of the DRPI are useful because?
Chapter 2 provides distribution info and is in numerical format;Chapter 3 is quick and is in alphabetical order
The Ordnance Publication(OPI) has how many chapters and how many enclosures?
2 chapters and 3 enclosures
What 3 things can you use to find your distribution symbol?
What are the three basic changes to publications?
Pen and Ink; Cut and Paste; Page per page replacement
The Ordnance Manual is?
The Coast Guard uses what PMS on our small arms?
Navy PMS
If a repair requires a tool that is not in the PMS return it to where?
(SARF) Small Arms Repair Facility
Sonic cleaners shall only be used at?
District/Group Armories; TRACEN Cape May; TRACEN Yorktown; and the CG Academy
Modifications of weapons shall not be done unless authorized by who?
Who is authorized to do intermediate maintenance when deployed?
PSU’s(Port Security Units)
What are the three maintenance levels?
Organizational-ships, shore station and small boat stations;Intermediate-District/Area armories and certain Headquarters Units;Depot- Small Arms Repair Facility
The ships maintenance material management(3-M) manual provides what?
PMS changes;Ordnance forms;Maintenance requirement cards;Maintenance policy and procedures
When PMS is completed on a weapon it is log in what?
Small Arms log or Ordnance log
Body Armor must be?
Full front, back and side protection;Neutral or positive buoyancy;Level IIa or higher;Certified by the National Institute of Justice
The LE belt must be what?
Black ballistic nylon or; Black leather
All boarding team members_____ wear the same type of holster.
What are the three things the holster shall have?
standard ride;thumb break type;does not hang lower than 4 inches below the belt
Flashlights carried shall be no larger than what?
three C-cell or two D-cell
Are leg irons authorized?
The OC must contain no greater than ___% and no less than ___% OC concentrate.
10% and 5%
The OC shall be approximately how many ounces in net weight and have what type of activation and mechanism?
3 ounces; thumb activation and a safety mechanism
The expandable baton has what characteristics?
steel shaft, silver in color;foam non-slip handle;no less than 15 inches or greater than 22 inches
Where must your magazines be located and how many rounds in each magazine?
one magazine in the PDW and one in your belt;15 rounds per magazine
How many rounds are loaded into the riot shotgun?
12 guage stingball rounds shall be used from how many yards away?
5-15 yards
Rubber fin stabilized rounds shall be used from how many yards away?
15-30 yards away
True or False? The Bojak shall be carried on every boarding.
What are the only two LE badges authorized by the CG?
CG Special Agent and CG Security Police
A mast with a spar running athwartships is called a what?
The forward mast is called the ________ and the other one is the ________.
foremast; mainmast
The small cap, usually found at the top of a polemast or flagstaff is called what?
the truck
Extending abaft the mainmast of a vessel is a small spar known as the what?
the gaff
Above the truck there is frequently a slender, vertical extension of the mast called a what?
How is the rainbow displayed?
from the foot of the jackstaff to the masthead and then to the foot of the flagstaff
At what time on President’s Day is a 21 gun salute sounded and how long are the intervals?
1200 with 5 second intervals
On Independence Day a 21 gun salute is sounded at what time and at what interval?
1200 with 5 second intervals
If Indepence Day falls on a Saturday, what day shall be observed as a holiday?
the preceding day
If Independence Day falls on a Sunday, what day is observed as a holiday?
the following Monday
On Memorial Day, at what time will a 21 gun salute be sounded at and at what interval?
1200; sounded at 1 minute intervals
What Chapter would you find info on how to conduct Honors and Ceremonies?
Chapter 5 CG Regulations M5000.3b
In what manual or instruction would you find the rainbow of colors?
NTP 13