Body, Gender and Social Order

Society is known to be generally stratified in according to their specific dominant concepts such as according to wealth, social power and influence, position or title and others. In this aspect, each society has developed and based their own structure in accordance to the said reason that their people prioritize the most in the social norms and values. Concerning the said matter, most society as the past and even in the present is still implementing the said concept influencing their social structure and the relationship of the people in it.

Social aspects and characteristics such as body structure and physiology and gender exemplify significant influences to the social order and structure of some societies as presented in literature particularly the novels Ranma ? and The Three-Inch Golden Lotus. The story of The Three-Inch Golden Lotus mainly presents a view on the significance of body structure to the social order and position of individual belonging to the Chinese society in accordance to their tradition.

In this literature, the concept of “Lotus” or small feet with only three-inch is desired by females in the said society as this symbolizes the perfected and modest state of a women. This criteria is particularly desired by females of the royalty and elite class to maintain and promote the fame and social status of their family. For them, the smaller the feet of a woman reciprocates with social fame and prestige symbolizing her to be of the descent of the goddess as presented by their tradition. In the same aspect that the literature entitled Ranma ?

present their view on the influence of tradition to the social order and structure of the society particularly in relation to the aspect of gender. Ranma ? presents man to be greater than woman in the society as they are declared as the heirloom and keeper of the family’s name and tradition. Because of this, society generally desire to have boys rather than girls in their gender preference. As the two literatures present, traditional values and norms indeed play a significant role in the aspect of social order and structure manifested with the conventional views on gender and body significance.

As their social tradition established, aspects such as body conformity particularly with the feet and gender preferences as concepts that have strong influences in determining social class and position of individuals in their respective society. Bibliography Feng, Chi-Tsa as translated by Wakefield, David (1994). The Three-Inch Golden Lotus. University of Hawaii Press, Honolulu. Takahashi, Rumiko (1987-1996). Ranma ?. Shogakukan’s Shonen Sunday.