Body Language

There are two women standing in front of the grocery store and they are both smiling as they speak to each other. The lady standing nearest to me is raising her eyebrows and her lips are moved to one side as she seems to be concerned about the subject of their conversation.

They seem to be excited and nervous because when they speak, their lips are moving rapidly and I assume that they are both in a hurry by their rapid mouth movements.

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She took one step away as if she was trying to leave but when the older lady standing to her right, keeps speaking, she decides to step back into her previous position and hear her out.

The older lady’s eyes grew wide as she paused in her conversation and allowed the lady standing next to her, to speak. After she ran her fingers through her hair she began to look down at the ground and her mouth curved downward, as if she were getting tired of the conversation.

I could tell during their conversation that they had met, before.  I could sense that they knew each other because they maintained direct eye contact as they held their conversation. The older lady frowned for a moment and then when the other lady began talking again, she smiled, once again as if she said something that cheered her up.

The lady standing on the left, raised her arm, as if she were pretending to throw a baseball and then gave the motion with her body that she were tagging a player out while the older lady pursed her lips and her eyes grew wide open and I could easily see that they were talking about a baseball game.

They must have been on the side of the winning teams because they each started laughing and were smiling while talking about the game.

Their mouth movements began to move at the same time and I assumed they both needed to get out their words in a hurry, in order to get to the next baseball game.

Before they went their separate ways the older lady wrote down a phone number and gave it to the other woman, while the lady standing on the left motioned for her to give her a phone call by placing her hand in a phone calling gesture. She smiled and nodded yes, as they gave each other a nod of agreement.

They continued to speak to each other until they at last returned to their vehicles and while they passed each other, they once again smiled, letting me know they were happy with the conversation they had just held.

Their facial expressions were easy to read because they both seemed a little hyperactive which caused their facial movements to move around, quickly.

Baseball was the obvious theme of their conversation because of the way they used the throwing motion of the baseball, in their conversation.

I also assume that they had reached a final agreement about their plans for the baseball game that was mostly likely being played that evening by the rapid movements they gestured. They were probably close relatives of the team members who were playing, since they both took such a great interest in the game.