Branches of the U.S. Government

Which branch of government is responsible for making laws?
Legislative Branch
What are the two houses of Congress?
The Senate and the House of Representatives
How many senators are there in the Senate?
100, 2 for each state
How many representatives are there in the House of Representatives?
Who is the head of the Senate?
The Vice President of U.S.
Who is the head of the Executive Branch?
President of the U.S.
What is the role of the Executive Branch?
Making laws official: approving and carrying out laws passed by the legislative branch
True or false: The executive branch also includes the Vice President.
The Cabinet is part of which branch?
The Cabinet is made up of how many departments?
What is the job of the Cabinet?
To give advice to the president about important matters
Who is the head of the Judicial Branch?
The Supreme Court
What is the role of the Supreme Court?
To explain the meaning of the Constitution and laws passed by Congress, it determines whether something is constitutional or unconstitutional, its decisions are final
How many judges/justices are there in the Supreme Court?