Breast Cosmetic Surgery

A woman’s breasts frequently change over time hence losing the firmness and youthful shape that was there before. The loss of the elasticity of the skin as well as changes emanates from many factors which include pregnancy, aging and heredity among others. As a result many women opt for breast cosmetic surgery each for her private reasons. Breast implant is described to be a prosthesis used to change the shape as well as size of a woman’s breast. Breast enhancement that includes a number of breast surgery procedures is a rapid growing sector of cosmetic plastic surgery.

Cosmetic breast procedures comprise of breast augmentation or enlargement which normally is executed with breast implants (Stone 359). Augmentation procedure is also performed along with breast lift procedure. In addition to the above pure cosmetic procedures, reduction of the breast is another enhancement surgery that provides both cosmetic and health benefits. Basing on the reports by the American Society of Plastic Surgeons, the most frequently performed procedure carried out in cosmetic surgery is breast augmentation (Stone 359).

This paper seeks to analyze the history of breast cosmetic surgery and also gives the statistics concerning the same issue. The reasons why women opt for breast surgery is also discussed along with the many risks involved in the procedure. History Full bouncing breast for women have been the basis for admiration for so many years. So as to fit in this wonderful requirement, thousands of women have attempted to increase the sexiness and size of their breast using an array of procedures. Breast augmentations have been applied since 1890 to augment the size of the breast or give a perfect shape.

The first implant was carried out by Vincenz Czerny where an adipose tissue from a woman was used. In 1890, Gersuny attempted the breast augmentation using paraffin injection. This opened the appearance of the use of paraffin injections in breast cosmetic surgery (Aaronson 1). The waxy appearing substance was applied for thirty years but there were many problems that developed as a result of its use. The problems such as infections and lumps led to its discontinuation at the beginning of 1920s. Fat transplant appeared into the picture in 1920 where the fat was removed from buttock and belly parts and transferred to the breast.

The procedure was however found unsuccessful particularly because the woman’s body would reabsorb the fat very fast hence leaving the breast lopsided and lumpy. The unfortunate side effects were basically lumps along with unbalanced results. Although the procedure was finally given up in the 1940s, it is ironically used today. With the development of modern science, new methods of harvesting of fat and purifying have resulted to better results. In the 1950s, a new method which comprised the implanting of sponges made from a polyvinyl substance was invented.

As a result of frustrating results of women developing infections because of the hardening and shrinking of the sponges, the material was done away with. In addition the material was suspected to have an association with development of cancer (Grimes 262). It was in 1961 that the silicone injections were developed. The injections were however not included in an implant like they are today but instead injected as a flowing substance in the body. Many problems emanated from the method including travelling lumps and infections and this led to the discontinuation of the technique.

In 1961, the initial breast implants based on silicone was first tried. The surgeons thought that they had succeeded in obtaining the best answer to getting the beautiful breasts. Unfortunately, the dream was altered in 1982 as there were discoveries that the devices resulted to autoimmune diseases along with other disorders. There was panic among the women as most of them had their left and right breast removed. Dow Chemical which happened to be the leading producer of the devices was finally prosecuted in a class action suit.

In 1992, saline implants, previously developed to serve as alternative to the silicone implants, were allowed to be used to the American citizen. The silicone implants were still being applied in the reconstruction of surgeries basically after mastectomies. In 1995, somebody came up with a wise idea of considering soybean oil implants as a better method. It was regarded as a natural approach to augmentation of the breast. However, the idea was wrong as the implants were found to consist filler that could end up being toxic in the woman’s body through the process of breaking down.

The toxic substance could even lead to death and therefore was withdrawn from the market and breast augmentation of this kind was completely withdrawn from US. Brava breast enhancement along with shaping system was established in 2001. A device with a bra- like shape that was surrounded with silicone that formed a vacuum around the breast and induced breasts to form cupped size was introduced to cause breast enhancement effect (Grimes 262). The device was to be worn for a maximum of 10 hours in a day and the method was purposed to cause augmentation without implants.

Until today there are no patients that have been fully satisfied by the method. In 2006, the silicone breast implants were allowed for the second time by the Federal Food and Drug Administration. This came after a thorough study concerning the method which at the end the FDA concluded that devices based on silicone implants were safe. The ban hence was lifted and the use of the devices resumed. The new implants are mainly the silicone breast implants with a gummy bear style. The implants can be found in Modesto, CA.

Since 2009 both saline and silicone are applied in implants. They are made in different textures, shapes as well as sizes. Implants are frequently used at the same time with augmentation for the purpose of giving a youthful and perky appearance that is so famous (Doherty 282). Statistics Basing on the statistics results by the American Society of Plastic Surgeons, about 8. 7 million people undertook the plastic surgery in 2003. Of this number 82% constituted women where the majorities choose liposuction seconded with breast augmentation.

The number of women who went through breast augmentation rose by 2% from 2002 to 2003. The increase was associated to the attention the plastic surgery got in the entertainment industry spotlighting the plastic surgery hence forming a larger interest from the people. In the year 2007, more than 300,000 breast augmentation procedures were carried out in the United States. This was a 12% decrease as compared to the number in the previous year. In 2006, according to the ASPS, almost 11 million people in total underwent plastic surgery.

The decrease was suspected to be associated with the financial challenges that emanated from the struggling economy. Despite this notable decrease, breast augmentation procedures however remained to lead as the most frequently cosmetic surgery procedure carried in the US. According to 2006 statistics by ASPS, about 9,104 breast augmentation procedures were carried out among teenagers aged 13 to 19(Morrissey 1). The standards of American aesthetics have pushed many young girls go to an extent of seeking treatment so as to get larger breasts.

Since ASPS started collecting data regarding plastic surgery; they have found out that breast augmentation has become the most famous surgical procedure practiced in America since 1992. To most women, liposuction assumed the second place after breast implant surgery. Since the FDA declared silicone breast implants fit for women, the breast augmentation procedure have become frequent as women now have options to consider. With the return of breast implants based on silicone, the number of women suspected to go for breast augmentations is anticipated to rise.

This can be rated as true basing on the findings of 1997 where about 101,176 women went through the breast augmentation procedure. The figure cannot be compared to the 355,671 women who choose the same procedure in 2008. The most common used implant is saline although silicone has many users as well (Morrissey 1). Reasons why women go for breast surgery For the past few years breast implant surgery was not available to the common women but only the famous and rich could afford the procedure. However, all this is history as many women continue to prefer the procedure as days go by.

The most specific reason that makes women choose to undertake breast enlargement surgery is very simple. Women basically do this to make them feel good about themselves mainly because they feel good about their appearance. The positive side effects among the women are improved self esteem as well improved self confidence. The matter of concern is the reason why women who have already gone through breast implant surgery earlier on felt unhappy concerning their breast. Basically, there are countable reasons behind the argument.

First and foremost, childbirth along with breastfeeding can lead to the following: asymmetrical breasts, loss of breast tissue, changes in the shape of the breast and sagging of the breasts. Most women opt for cosmetic breast surgery soon after giving birth so as to help them return their shape back to the desired one. In addition, after the procedure, the women will feel comfortable with their body as well as with themselves (Loftus 151). Everybody is aware that as a woman age, gravity begins to kick in and at the same time the breast start to sag.

Furthermore, there is a gradual loss of the breast tissue. Breast augmentation surgery therefore provides a fast fix as it increases the breast shape, pertness and volume. Every one is created in her unique way hence we come with various sizes and shapes and therefore women have to play their cards well so as to keep fit. Women who happen to have small breast constitute the majority of those wishing to go through breast implant surgery. Most of these women begin to have their anticipated size of their breast in their mind at early years especially when they are teens.

Enhancing the size of the breast to these women is regarded as a big psychological boost that they lastly feel concerning themselves and in addition about their self confidence. Included in the above category is the group of women who have lost body fat or weight and have realized that the volume of their breast have dropped substantially (Loftus 151). Since the tissue that forms the breast is mainly fat, the effects that emanates from the reduction of body fat through exercise and diet is very visible upon the breasts. Irregular breast along with congenital defects can act as a determining factor to breast implant.

Some women are very unhappy with the look of their breast as some are born with breasts having congenital breasts defects and some with asymmetrical breasts. These are very obvious reasons as to why women go for for breast augmentation surgery so as to develop their appearance and also change the way they feel positively. Other women may have unfortunate incidents in their lives where they experience traumatic events that possibly affect their breasts. Breast cancer is one of the most traumatizing events that may force one to undergo breast surgery since the disease may lead to a requirement of full or partial mastectomy.

Infections or diseases around the breasts may lead to deformity in others and also accident like a car crash which leads to damage of the breast are some other factors. The above traumatic events are considered to be potential reasons behind the women pursuit for breast implant surgery so as to regain their appearance. Women under this category are known to recover very fast from their psychological effects that emanates from their trauma if only they opt to go through corrective surgery (Loftus 151). Breast lift surgery is performed to lift and also make the breast firm.

Basically the procedure is carried out to correct drooping and sagging breasts and particularly after giving birth. Childbirth makes the breast to loose its size and also leads to a further stretched skin. Moreover, the breasts begin to droop as a result of gravity effects and the ageing process. After some time the breast lose their previous elasticity and tone. The breast lift surgery can be done on its own or at the same time with breast augmentation. In the second case, the breasts end up being bigger and much firmer. Lifting the breast basically means that they return to their shapely and youthful appearance.

The process may be repeated in latter stages during the aging years. Breast implants are applied primarily for primary reconstruction that involves replacing breast tissue that may have been removed as a result of cancer or trauma. In addition the tissue may have failed to generate properly as a result of severe breast abnormality like tuberous breast deformity. In addition breast implants are meant for revision- reconstruction where a surgery is purposed to improve or correct the result of an initial breast reconstruction surgery.

Another reason includes primary augmentation which is purposed to enlarge the breast size basically for cosmetic reasons. Finally, revision augmentation is performed to improve or correct the result of an initial breast augmentation surgery. There are so many factors that make women decide on for breast implant surgery. Most of them may go through the process to just satisfy the desire of their husbands. Others may do so out of expectations and pressure from other people. Some of reasons why some women undergo the process are questionable but the ethics behind this is yet to be searched for (Loftus 151).

Risks involved in the procedure Any one seeking for breast implant ought to be aware of the so many side effects associated to the process. Although many breast implant women successfully breastfeed afterwards, the breast implant can interfere with the process of breast feeding. Breast surgery may hinder the detection of breast cancer. During X-ray, mammography or ultrasound, the implant may possibly hide tumors or lesions. After a breast cosmetic surgery, some patients with implant may experience a loss in sensation around the breast particularly on the nipple.

The loss of sensation may emanate from the damage of nerve endings on the nipple and on the entire breast. Though the loss of sensation is considered to be temporary, at times it may be permanent. Another risk is a rapture which may occur since breast implants will never last for the entire lifetime but sooner or later, those who have undergone the practice may one time need their implants replaced. Implants may rapture or break as a result of implant’s natural aging or excessive compression to the trauma or breast (Olding 1). Studies have been conducted to determine the possibility of leakage of the implants.

Observations generated from the studies have concluded that there lacks sufficient evidence as for now that the leakage of the implant have serious side effects. However, this is topic that requires further investigation because if it happens that there are harmful effects then women could be in great danger (Olding 1). Since each woman heals differently, some may experience a slight difference in the shape or size of their breast basically after their lift surgery. There could be an occurrence of an asymmetrical nipple placement. The asymmetry of the breast is one of the frequent risks associated to breast lift surgery.

Even though studies show that the asymmetry is often minor, in some cases the asymmetry may be extreme hence requiring additional surgery. Conclusion Breast surgery assumes many forms but the procedures lead to one basic thing; change the appearance of the breast. Going for breast cosmetic surgery is a decision that is quite hard to make. For some women, the procedure happens to be the only solution that can help them recover their healthy status and also keep fit. Any woman considering breast surgery for no good reasons but for fun ought to reconsider the plan.

This is because there are so many risks associated to the process that may in the end result to regrets. It is important for one to think wisely concerning the procedure before attempting it. Breast surgery is one of the surgeries that can lead to a permanent damage if not properly done and therefore caution should be taken in the procedure. It is a procedure that ought not to be carried out for fun but for good and justifiable reasons. Young girls, especially those under the teen age should avoid the procedure since going through it may be the source of the problems in the adult age.

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