Breast Implants: An overview and It’s Complication to Women’s Health

In today’s world, more and more women are submitted themselves in enlarging their breast through Breast Augmentation.  I really don’t know why these identified women undergo this kind of procedure.  Do they know the complications of having this kind of surgery in their health as well as their future health when they are already a mother?.  These facts made me feel angry those women who undergo these kind of procedure.

As said by my mentor, on her lecture class, she made me think by asking me “Who will get the most benefits in terms of giving breastfeeding? the women who have larger breast? or the women who have smaller breast?.  Of course, as I know, based on my current study on anatomy of the breast, the women who have larger breast will be more beneficial to his or her baby when she is going to do the breastfeeding.  But, my mentor did not agree with me, as she explained to me, a women who said to have smaller breast is not candidate of having inverted nipple thus, the nipple of the smaller breast tend to protrude making for the baby an easy access of the breast milk.

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On the other hand, women who have larger breast is candidate for having an inverted nipple making hard for the baby to suck the breast and this may lead to nutritional deficiency to his or her baby.  As we all know, Breastfeeding is very beneficial to the baby, and it is believe that breast milk provides permanent immunization or protection to some kind of illness.

Normally, patients undergoing this kind of procedure are the younger and healthier women belong to a higher economic status.  As I research, I ask some of these identified women why they are getting to this kind of procedure.  I find out that most women reasons, that they are not satisfied to their breast, many of their friends would tease them that they have smaller breast or it is a need for their work and many more.  This result has been lingering me all the times, aren’t they afraid to complications of this procedure?.

When the time I presented to them the complications of this surgery, they don’t even reacted to the given complications, as said by my respondents, they would not be affected to the given complications if their body is not getting those complications.

Many reports around the world that can testify that breast implants can cause death and other harmful complications to women.  This is because of the improper use of the implants in the breast or the silicone to be injected is not compatible to the patient’s body, making the body respond to this antigen that can cause death to the patient.  Local complications of the surgery include infection and other surgical risk, chronic breast pain, changes in sensitivity, capsular contracture, breakage and leakage and necrosis.

Later on after the surgery, a women who went to breasts augmentation, may be a candidate of having autoimmune diseases, connective tissue diseases, “human adjuvant disease” and/or fibrositis/fibromyalgia-like disorders.  The lastly and the most worst of all, except to death, is having breast cancer (Smeltzer &Bare, 2004).

We, as an anti-breast implant, we cannot control the decision of the patient from undergoing this kind of procedure.  As an individual who advocates natural breast, we must provide spread the information about complications of breast augmentation and other problems associated with this kind of procedure.  By this kind of strategy, women may now have an idea on what would be other complications aside from death that he could get from undergoing the procedure.

If happens that a family member decides to have the procedure, let her undergo counseling, provide her the risk, the advantage and its advantage of having the procedure, the parents should guide their daughter to this kind of procedure.  Let her be aware of the reality. I really believe in the saying “beauty is in the eye of beholder”.  It is not having breast implants that make a women beautiful, but a women to be called as beautiful is being “Pure in body and soul”.  Undergoing an implant making them self called “stupid”.

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