Building Info Set #1

In what year was Brown Hall first dedicated and after whom was it named?
Dedicated in 1967. Named after William R. Brown, former head of the English Department at WMU 
When was the Chemistry Building opened? And what is it also known as?
Opened Winter 2007. Also known as the Chemistry Annex.


When was the Dalton Center built, and after whom is it named?
Built in 1982. Named for Dorothy Upjohn Dalton, philanthropist and charter member, WMU Board of Trustees 1964-72. 
When was Dunbar Hall built, and after whom is it named?
Built in 1971. Named after Willis F. Dunbar, Prof.

of History 1951-70 and Head of History Dept 1960-67. 

Name the building which houses the following features:

  • Language Lab
  • Communication Resource Center
  • Classes for: English, Foreign Languages & Literature, and Communication 

Brown Hall
When viewed from the sky, what does the Dalton Center look like?
Treble Clef
When was Rood Hall built, and who is it named after?
Built in 1971. Named for Dr. Paul Rood, former Head of Physics Dept, member from 1916-64.


When was Sangren Hall Built, and who is named after?
Built in 1964. Named after WMU’s 2nd President Paul V. Sangren.;
When was Kohrman Hall built and after whom is it named?
Built in 1966.;Named in 1980 for George Kohrman, Dean of ;School of Applied Arts and Sciences; 1951-74.
What academic building houses a science research pavilion, and over 60 state-of-the-art laboratories throughout it’s 5 floors and 108,586 sq.

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Haenicke Hall*pronounced "Hen-uh-kuh"* 
Name the three theatres of the Gilmore Theatre Complex and how many they each seat:
Shaw Theatre – seats 570York Arena – seats 125Multi-Form Theatre – seats 350 
When was Knauss Hall built, and who is it named after?
Built in 1971. Named for James O. Knauss, Prof. of History 1926-56 and University Archivist 1956-59. 
When was the Lee Honors College dedicated, and after whom is named?
Dedicated in 1990. Named for philanthropists Carl & Winifred Lee.


This academic building is home to:

  • The College of Education
  • Flossie’s Cafe
  • Education Resource Library
  • Classes for Education, Art, Blind Rehabilitation, Criminal Justice, Sociology, Occupational Therapy.

Sangren Hall
This academic building, originally a women’s dormitory, houses the Center for Academic Support Programs.
Moore Hall
This academic building, built in 1957, was converted from a Harding’s Grocery store in 1987.


Welborn Hall
Wood Hall was first completed in what year and then retrofitted ; re-opened in what year?
First completed in 1962.;Retrofitted and re-opened in 1998.;
When was Trimpe Hall completed and after whom is it named?
Completed in 1966.;Named after Adrian Trimpe.;
This academic building is home to:

  • The Haworth College of Business
  • a Computer Lab (with 95 computers, 200 total in the building)
  • the largest lecture hall on campus (350 seats)

Schneider Hall
This academic building houses:

  • 4 lecture halls
  • a Space Gallery for art exhibits
  • classes for a variety of majors;

Knauss Hall;*pronounced ;Kuh-Nouse;*;
What is the name of the on-campus coffeehouse, located in Britton-Hadley hall?
Mug Shots
Which residence hall, located in Valley 3, is currently closed?;When was it built?;
Eldridge/Fox Hall.

;Built in 1965.

When was Ernest/Smith Burnham built and who is it named after?
Built in 1948.;Named for brothers Ernest ; Smith Burnham, professors in Civics/History dept.;
This residence hall, located in Valley 2, is a Health ; Wellness Hall:
Eicher/Lefevre Hall
When was Hoekje Hall built, and who is it named after?
Built in 1959.;Named for John C.

Hoekje, former Dean of Administration, Head of Extension Dept. ; University Registrar 1916-55.;