Building Info Set #2

In what year was the Bernhard Center built, and who was it named after?
Built in 1957. Named for WMU’s 4th President, Dr. John T. Bernhard.;
How many terminals does the Bernhard Computer Lab have, and what are it’s hours during the workweek?
140 terminals. open 24 hours a day throughout the workweek.


In what year was Ellsworth Hall built, and who is it named after?
Built in 1956.  Named for Frank Ellsworth, former director, Campus School 1915-38. 
In which building are the faculty offices for Math, Physics, and Statistics?
Everett Tower
When was Faunce Student Services Building built, and what is also known as?
Built in 1970. Also known as "The Birdcage" 
Which building, built in 1951, is home to 34 campus ministries?
Kanley Memorial Chapel
This property, originally built in 1870, was first used as a dairy farm, racing horse stables, and a golf course:
The Oaklands.
What is the current cost for a parking sticker (both for a full year, and a semester)?
$300 per year OR $180 per semester.
What is the name of the building where Disabled Student Resources and Services and The Children’s Place (daycare) are located?
Woodlawn Place (first known as St.

Aidan’s Chapel Building)

This building houses the WMUK FM (102.1) NPR station:
Friedmann Hall – dedicated in 1971.
This building is named after WMU’s 3rd president:;(Think about it..

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.you should know this already);

Miller Auditorium.;Named after Dr. James Miller;
In what year was Miller Auditorium built?
Built in 1967.
When was Sindecuse Health Center built, and who was it named after?
Built in 1969.

;Named for philanthropists Gordon ; Elizabeth Sindecuse in 1986.;

In what building is Fireside Cafe located?;What is it? ;
Located in Wesley Foundation.;A soup and sandwich place for lunch.;
In which building, built in 1967, are the faculty offices for English, Foreign Languages, and Communication located?
Sprau Tower.
This building, dedicated in 1990, is the second busiest computer lab on campus:
University Computing Center
When was Kanley Memorial Chapel built, and who is it named after?
Built in 1951.

;Named for William Kanley, who had attended WMU thanks to funds from a bequest in his estate.

In which building are WIDR FM (89.1) and The Western Herald office located?
Faunce Student Services Building (aka ;The Birdcage;)
In which building can a student participate in ice skating, swimming, or hockey events?
Lawson Ice Arena ; Gabel Natatorium
When was the Seibert Administration Building built?;(hint: on 1st Fact Book Quiz. Shifted focus from E.Campus to W.Campus);
What is the tallest building on campus?
Sprau Tower.

When is the Sindecuse Health Center open (days of the week)?
Open Monday through Saturday.
How many computers are in the University Computing Center?
85 computers
The bell tower of which building plays the Fight Song and Alma Mater alternating each hour?
Kanley Memorial Chapel
What is the name of the Library’s online card catalog, and where is it accessible?
Westcat. Accessible either on or off campus.