Buildings Info Set #3

What is WMU’s first and oldest building?
East Hall
This East campus building, built in 1861, is currently occupied by the American Association of University Professors (AAUP):
Montague House
In what year was The Little Theatre (aka Oakland Recital/Campus Cinema) built?
Built in 1942.
What East campus building was formerly the library, before Waldo Library opened?
North Hall
In what city is the College of Aviation located?
Battle Creek
How many rooms are in the College of Engineering ; Applied Sciences on Parkview Campus?
651 Rooms
This athletic building is connected to Waldo Stadium with 10 corporate suites:
Donald ‘J’ Seelye Indoor Athletic Center
What is the name of the official football fan section? When did it come into effect?
Western Waldos.


When was Lawson Ice Arena built, and who was it named after?
Built in 1974.;Named for former coach Harry Lawson.

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What athletic building is home to Bronco softball?
Ebert Field
What athletic building has been the home of Bronco baseball since 1939?
Hyames Field
What is the official student fan group of Bronco basketball?
The Zoo
This athletic facility serves as the outdoor home for the Bronco women’s track & field team:
Kanley Track & Field Complex
This East campus building, built in 1939, was formerly a men’s dormitory:
Vandercook Hall
This East campus building, built in 1915, was formerly the science building:
West Hall
This building, built in 1994, is a collaborative venture with MSU, Borgess, and Bronson Hospitals. It houses the University Substance Abuse Clinic, VanRiper Speech, Language and Hearing Clinic, Marion R. Spear Occupational Therapy Teaching Clinic, a Vision Rehabilitation Clinic, and Optometry.
WMU Unified Clinics
In what year was Spindler Hall built, what was it’s first use, and what is it currently used for?
Built in 1940. Formerly a women’s dormitory.;Currently a residence for non-traditional students.;
When was the Health ; Human Services Building opened?
Opened Spring 2005.
In which building are different movies shown on weekends, sponsored by either the Kalamazoo Film Society or Western Film Society?
The Little Theatre/Oakland Recital Hall/Campus Cinema
This East campus building was the first dormitory on campus:;When was it built?;
Walwood Hall.;Built in 1938.;
In how many locations are there WMU Branch campuses?;Can you name them all?;

  • Battle Creek
  • Benton Harbor – St.Joseph
  • Grand Rapids
  • Lansing
  • Muskegon-Holland
  • South Haven
  • Traverse City

What is the seating capacity for Waldo Stadium and when was it built?
Seating capacity – 30,200.;Built in 1939 for $250,000.;
This athletic facility is used for football, softball, baseball, soccer, golf, coach’s offices, weight room, medical services for student athletes, and intramural and club teams:
Donald ‘J’ Seelye Indoor Athletic Center
This athletic facility houses the University Arena (used for intercollegiate basketball, volleyball, gymnastics, etc):
Read Fieldhouse