Traditional Principles for Effective Instruction

Focusing on Academically Relevant Tasks
A lot of  “opportunities to learn,”  and chances to learn about and practice whatever it is you are trying to get good at.
Employing Active Teaching
Teachers who engage in active teaching are the instructional leaders of their classrooms; they are fully knowledgeable about the content and purposes of the instruction they present and about the instructional goals they wish to accomplish.
Fostering Active Learning
The learner must do something with the material he is studying if he is to learn much from it.
Involves asking students to do something they already know how to do.
Involves showing or telling students how to do something that they do not yet know how to do.
Providing Sufficient and Timely Feedback
There is no way for a learner to know whether he is on the right track unless he receives some sort of response.
Teaching for Transfer
Knowledge and skills that transfer become tools that students can use throughout their lives.