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Development of a strategy of market and a plan to execute The management of the relationship of the market Managing of agencies and agents Measurement of success and giving the last words The product I have selected is phone 6. Phone 6 is the newest model of Phone made by apple. 1 . In terms of the four utilities of the customer values the first that comes is the functionality of the phone. The first function which comes to notice is the larger display. A larger display means a larger screen and a lot more content. The popping up and down of banners is more robust than it was before.

The phone is not only large but it’s also thinner than before. The phone has improved on its display and resolution. The new resolution is 1920 x 1080. The architecture is now available in 64 bit. The aperture of the camera IS very high at 2. 2/f. And the video recording is very good at fps. The second utility is the time. Apple newest product got sold 10 million of its product on the very first day of launch. The booking of the phone is very heavy and the product is not easily available in stores. Place is the third utility. It is not easy to find the phone at every single corner of the world.

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But the sales are done all over the world and it have more than 500 tortes worldwide. The last utility that a customer is concerned with is the ease of possession. The customers have to make sure that the phone do not suffers any physical damage. And there are certain other things the customers have to take care like not putting it under direct sunlight for long and various other things. 2. The target of the Phone is not limited to a certain types of crowd. There are people of all ages who are acquainted with the do how’s of the apple products.

The main target of the company is the teenagers. Teenagers are the one who listen to songs, do online shopping, lay games and are heavily involved in online gaming and most importantly socializing on websites like Faceable, twitter and so on. The next target is the college and the university students. These people have too much to show off. They are also working part time and thus they can afford the phone own their own. These people are also involved in socializing and networking. The product of the apple is light weight thus it is easy for them to carry.

These apple products also help them to make sure that they have easy access to their notes and handouts. People doing business or in a job are heavily obsessed by the apple phones. So the next target area is the working class of people. It is very easy to make a document on phones and send them across various places in their network. It is also very easy to make a soft copy and save it in cloud. It also helps them a lot to communicate over long distances. Young children are the next target of the apple company for their new product the Phone.

The small children get addicted to these gadgets very quickly. These are a lot to look forward than games. There are many learning APS for children who make it irresistible for even parents to Stop their toddlers from sticking up with these gadgets as long as they are learning and besides learning they are growing. Even general adult are also in need of phone. They use it to check for hotels or online shopping or look after maps. They use it to make calls and communicate with their loved ones. 3. In America the Phone faces a stiff competition from the android devises.

Android from the very beginning have used to give the same features as Phone at a low price. The ownership of Phone has increased but so is the ownership of android phones. If only the price of the Phones were a little low t could have made a better profit. They would have also made better sales in America. Samsung faced a law suit filed by apple against them that they have been copying the features of Phone. The android phones of Samsung used the exact same features provided by the Phones over the years. In the year 201 1 10% Of cell phone owners say that there phone was an Phone.

This data was raised in the year 2012. In 2012 19% of people said that they are using an Phone. In 201 3 this data was further raised and the number of people using Phones increased. There was 25% of people using a phone as Phone as their phone. There are a wide range of cell phone owners in America and they are starting to use windows phone. In 2014 it was expected that this data will further be raised and more number of people will be using Phones. The market has also a good number of people using android smart phones. In 201 1 there were of people using phones had android phones as their smart phones.

In 201 2 the number of people owning a phone and having an android phone was further increased to 20%. This percentage increase was less than that of Phone. Then in 201 3 there were 28% of people using the phones have android phones as their smart phones. There was a jump and n increase in the number of people using an android phones. But again this percentage increase was less than that of Phone. In 2014 android occupies more than half of the smart phones used in America. This was a big jump in the number of people using an android phone and this was much more than that of Phone.

In other countries Phone faces a good challenge from other countries. There are a large number of people who are buying windows phone and blackberry in other countries like India and continents like Australia. Then in countries like China which have the world s largest population do have a good market for Phone. There companies like Axiom leads and have their phones in most of the people ‘s hands. Thus outside America even though there is much sale of Phones there is good competition too by android. 4. Segmentation is a process of knowing the behavior of the customers.

In order to do good business it is very essential to know the behavior of the target customers regarding the product that the company is trying to sell. Along with segmentation there is positioning is also needed. Segmentation and positioning are two processes which are interrelated. The process of segmentation is the division of the people according to their behavior. Targeting is the process Of selecting the most affective types of people from the segmented part so as to earn maximum revenue and have maximum sales in the global market. Positioning is the process of creating an image of the product being launched in the market.

This will help in creating an excitation in the minds of the people who are targeted to buy the phone. So there is enough advertising done in the market and the brand value of the apple company is more than enough to make sure that the new Phone is launched with a boom and receive a heavy response. 5. The environmental challenges that the Phone will be facing is different in different countries. But its security system is such that the sales of the Phone are not been affected much by the location in the world. There are various factors that affect the sales of Phone in foreign countries.

Some of these factors are mentioned below, tough there are many other factors. Governments: Government has a huge role to play in the free market especially in the sales of the foreign product as they do not want to get the loss of the national product International Transaction: International transition also plays a major role in the buying of an Phone. Buying of an Phone is virtually impossible in many countries. Speculation and expectation: these two things are such that they form the internal part of the financial system. The future of the economy is mainly dependent on we are acting today.

Supply and Demand: the supply and demand of Phones in foreign countries in one such thing that the makers and companies are concerned about a lot and ponder over. International Effect: the effect on the international market is very high in selling of Phones. There are a lot of countries who do not have a good relation with America and there are Mounties who are sore enemies of America. It is very important that the sales are not affected by these relations in any manner. The general Economy: the economy of the country in which the Phones are to be sold is also important to look for.

It is of no use to sell the Phones in countries where there is malnutrition and poverty at an extreme level. There are many countries that actually are a better market for Phones than America. Social belief: There is a belief that the only reason why people buy Phone is to show other that they can afford an phone. This belief is negative for the country and affects the equines. Technology: if there is not improvement in technology then there is no way that the business can be done and profit can be made in any way.

Thus it is very important that the business is done by improving the technology. The latest trend in technology is to be innovative and useful. These factors are important to be considered by the company to make sure it has good sales in the foreign market. 6. A campaign can be organized for the sales of Phones in foreign countries that will help the boost of sales and the boost in revenue consequently. The Product: The product is very important ND services that the product will be giving are important too. In case of Phones the camera the screen resolution.

The picture quality, the battery’, the sound, the hardware technology and many other features will be counted as features or services of the product. Price: when it comes to price there is hardly anybody who says that the price of Phones is less as compared to any company. The Price of the Phones is very high as compared to other companies. Promotion: The brand value of the company is such that the promotion is not much of a concern for a product like Phone and a company like Apple. So there is nothing to be worried about ‘Phones.

Place: place is of much importance both in case of local customers and foreign customers. But in case of Phones it is not a matter for concern. Although the transporting of phones to other countries is a matter of concern for the transport department. 7. Apple has certain ethics of their own company. Apple has made sure that all the employees are in a good mood. They make sure that the employees and the people who they work with are in good conduct. Ethical marketing is less Of regulations and more Of philosophy Of the things to be done and not to be done in a market.

There are companies who market their product in such a way that the people lure for their products even though they are not in need of that. This is not good for the customers. It is certainly impossible to claim the ethical or non-ethical nature of the company. But it is possible to make sure that the government is able to keep a check on the laws made by the company. Conclusion: There are many hurdles faced by the managers of the company but the brand value which the company has already built because of the talent of the engineer and the developers the company does not face a lot of bumpers in he way of making good revenue.