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It is to explore the questions and answers from my study, after experiencing activities and to reconstruction my own understanding and preoccupation with my own thoughts or feeling. It is the process of self-activity. Will learn and make changes in various directions, such as experience, observation, reflection and planning. Take my example of ride bicycle when I was young. At the first time, I need to know how to move and stop, I fall down always. To reduce fall down (mistake), I need to reflect the process of riding and analyses whether the speed and control. I reflected and try many times. I got the balance. Now I can ride bicycle. In my daily works are need to find solution continuously, e. G. Balance the quality and cost to use office resources more effectively.

Every experience is worth learning, which reflects on the new program and should be the way to go. Live that, learning is a process much as organisms digest food and absorb nutrients and it can’t be replaced by other methods. And practice also is a right way for testing the truth of reflective learning. At the end you will find reflective learning is the best way for personal growth and importance of business development. The use of English as a Global language engage is a basic human ability and this ability is like a tool or a system that people to communicate. A global language means many people in the world are using this tool or system to communicate.

In the worldwide, we normally sing English, Spanish, French and Chinese but only English is learned and spoken internationally. English is a general and global language. Whether you want to do business or visit around the world, believe English is essential. The reason is very simple because English is like a world passport. In different places, shopping, driving, communicating with people can be done in English. As you know, many countries and regions are using English to communicate, including United Kingdom, American, Canadian, Australian, New Zealand, Caribbean, South African, Irish, India, Pakistan, Philippines and Singapore most of them are communicate with English.

If you want to have global business, you need to learn English as a bridge of communication. In Hong Kong, I need to learn English even in kindergarten because Hong Kong is an international city, although English is not my mother tongue. English is easy to learn and you can touch in anywhere. Believe precision reflects reality through my experience. Now I’m working in an international company. My colleagues are come from Italy, France, India, Singapore and China, all we are using unity language “English” for communicate/discuss/meeting or conference. If all of us are using our own language, it will be a big trouble. Why? We cannot communicate with each other. All projects cannot be operated.

Although we can use body language, but Xx too limit, inefficient and always got wrong signal from others. We also will have external influences because we can’t communicate with new customer from different countries. Company cannot be develop and also missing comparative advantage. Business will no longer operate. What is the solution? Company can choose a global language as official language. Looking at the world, English remains a second language for most people, e. G. Used in different countries government and education as mentioned above. So we chose English as official language and I can say English is a global and popular language in the world. Nit 1: Skill set & behavior assessment – general Unit 1: VS. Learning styles questionnaire Learning styles questionnaire (But do not take this type of exercise too seriously, there are many different classifications. ) Ask another student which of the following choices they normally make 1 . You have just bought a new MPH player (which is also a USB storage device and FM radio). Do you: a. Dad the instructions which came with the device? B. Ask a friend to tell you how it works? C. Start to use it at once, to try to work it out for yourself? 2. You are on a day trip to Cambridge and you want to find one specific college. Do you: a. Buy a map of the city so you can find your way around? B. Stop someone on the street and ask for directions? C. Just walk around the streets trying to find the place, perhaps looking for street signs? 3. You want to learn how to cook a dish which you enjoyed eating in a restaurant. Do you: a. Use Google to find a recipe for the dish on the internet? . Ask a friend who is a good cook how to cook it? C. Remember the dish and try to recreate it, to experiment until you find an okay way of doing it? 4. Your friend has asked you how to use Powering. Do you: a. Find a guide of step-by-step instructions your friend can read? B. Speak to them, to tell them what are the important things to remember? C. Sit with them at a PC and demonstrate? 5. Imagine you have upset a close friend by not keeping a promise you made.

When your friend tells you that s/he is upset do you say: a. I see what you mean. B. I hear what you say. C. I know how feel. . Your boss wants you to do a new task, something you have never done before. Do you say: a. Show me how you want me to do it. B. Tell me how you want me to do it. C. Let me have a try and I’ll ask if need help. 7. Your young nephew is learning how to play a new computer game. Do you say: a. Watch me, I’ll show you how its done. B. Listen to me, I’ll explain it to you. C. Go on, you try, let me watch. 8. Your new MPH player is not working correctly. Do you: a. Write a letter of complaint to the shop/manufacturer? B.

Telephone the shop/manufacturer to tell them what the problem is.? C. Go o the shop to complain and ask for a replacement.? 9. You have been asked to organize a social event for a group of students so they can get to know each other better. Do you plan: a. A trip to a museum or GA Nerd? B. A night out in a pub so you can chat? C. A session of paintball? 10. For the birthday one of your friends you decide to buy: a. A new novel by an author you know she likes? B. A CD of her favorite band? C. Some software you know she needs? 11. You need to buy a smart outfit to go to a job interview. Do you: a. Look at the clothes in the shop and imagine whether they will look good on you? B. K the sales assistant whether she thinks they suit you? C. Try them on? 12. If you going to buy a new car, and need to choose between four, do you: a. Read about the advantages and disadvantages of the possible cars in auto magazines? B. Ask your friends which car they think is best? C. Ask the garage if you can have a test drive? My VS. results In the ‘VS. Learning styles questionnaire”, I got below results Total for a is 25% preference for a visual learning style. Total for b is 42% preference for an auditory learning style. Total for c is 33% preference for a kinesthesia/physical/tactile learning style. My main learning style is auditory, means I get information through listening mostly.

I like to learn from spoken word and listen of sound and music. Some phrases I like to use such as “Please tell me”. In my experience, I like to do new project after listening instructions from my boss. I’m happy being given instructions from my boss over the phone. I can easy to remember the words of songs that I hear. Think auditory is my preferred learning style and suit for For me, kinesthesia/physical/tactile learning style is relatively minor. That means physical experience is my second learning style such as touching, racial hands-on and feeling. Sometimes will request to try by myself but not often. Sometimes I’ll ask people what they feel.

Sometimes I’ll try to do the project to get hands-on experiment first but I prefer to read the instructions first. Unit 1: My Training plan Now I’m a Site Facility Officer and I need to take care of the Hong Kong and Sheehan offices. Like being a Site Manager. After completing the skill set & behavior assessment, I found some topics I need to improve on. So based on above results I designed a training plan for myself. According to the skills ND work competency areas and behaviors, attitudes and personal style area, I need to improve the communication outwardly and Managing stress and conflict. Generally, I need to email daily. So ability of communication outwardly is more important for me. First I need to improve my English writing skill. Deed to learn more phrases and sentences and apply them in emails. First, I’ll listen English songs half an hour daily when I going to office. Secondly, should buy some related business writing books to read monthly. I think I can find some business key words, phrases and sentences that can use. Thirdly, I should enter a Business English evening course for improving my speaking skills. Last, I also want to upgrade my stress and conflict management skills. As I know stress is a state of anxiety and it tear on my body. I should learn some relaxation techniques in social center. And will participate in church cell group to share my own inner world with others.

I also will listen some classical must daily on the road and do exercise 30 minutes per week. Unit 2: My Personal language history Early years was born in Hong Kong and my parents also were Hong Kong people. So they spoke Cantonese and they could not teach me another language. When I was three years old, I had a chance to learn English in kindergarten. That was my first experience of another language and I felt a little scared and thought it was difficult. But my parents encouraged me to learn another language and let me take lessons after kindergarten. Started to speech simple English. For example I said “Hello” and “Good morning” when I met people in the morning.

In Hong Kong, I had many opportunities to learn English because most people were using English even in pre-school. Education impact want to tell you about my story of my education years. When I was six years old, I went to primary school and started to take many lessons, including music, sports and English. From my point of view all subjects were more easy, except for English. Knew English was the official language and more important in Hong Kong, but this language was totally different from my mother tongue – Cantonese. Actually didn’t have a choice because I needed to communicate with the English teacher and that teacher came from a foreign country.