Business Model Value Propositi

Involved in bold shiny projects that blew up Sometimes you feel like… You have experienced teams that… You have seen projects that… There should be better tools available to help you create value Lacked a shared language and a shared understanding of Were big bold bets that failed and wasted a lot money. For your customers and your business. You might be pursuing the wrong tasks and you feel insecure about the next steps. Customer value creation. Got bogged down by unproved active meetings with tons of unstructured “blah blah blah” conversations. It’s difficult to learn what customers really want.

Worked without clear processes and tools. The information and data you get from (potential) customers is Were focused mainly on technologies, products, and features overwhelming and you don’t know how to best organize it. It’s challenging to go beyond products and features toward a deep understanding of customer value creation. You lack the big picture of how all the puzzle pieces fit together. Rather than customers. Conducted meetings that drained energy and ended without a clear outcome. Were misaligned. Put energy into polishing and refining a business plan until it Disappointed y the failure of a good idea. Repeated the illusion that it could actually work. Spent a lot of time building detailed spreadsheets that were completely made up and turned out to be wrong. Spent more time developing and debating ideas rather than testing them with customers and stakeholders. Let opinions dominate over facts from the field. Lacked clear processes and tools to minimize risk. Used processes suited for running a business rather than ones for developing new ideas. Get “From Failure to Success” poster Value Proposition Design will help you successfully… New Way

Avoid wasting time with ideas that won’t work Leverage the experience and skills of your team Relentlessly test the most important hypotheses underlying your business ideas in order to reduce the risk of failure. This will allow you to pursue big bold ideas without having to break the Understand the patterns of value creation Equip your team with a shared language to overcome “blah blah bank. Your processes to shape new ideas will be fit for the task blah,” conduct more strategic conversations, run creative exert- and complement your existing processes that help you run your cases, and get aligned.

This will lead to more enjoyable meetings business. That are full of energy and produce actionable outcomes beyond Organize information about what customers want in a simple a focus on technology, products, and features toward creating way that make the patterns of value creation easily visible. As value for your customers and your business. A result, you will more effectively design value propositions and profitable business models that directly target your customers’ most pressing and important jobs, pains, and gains. Gain clarity. Get your team aligned. Design, test, and deliver what customers want.

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