Business Operations and Systems Assignment

The principles of the Harvard Referencing system are detailed in the leaflets available in the library. You are NOT allowed to use the general Internet references e. G. Minim. Google. Com, www. Yahoo. Com and Wisped etc. All references should be from the credible sources e. G. Books, articles, journals, magazines etc.. Feedback Feedback on performance, problems, and presentations will take place in the seminar sessions. It is not practice to read drafts of work in progress, however you may discuss any relevant issues in the seminar slots. Presentation 1.

Print Single sided in an Arial 12 point font. 2. Paper AAA stapled top left corner. 3. 1. 5 line spacing or follow any set regulated spacing. . Ensure that there is good usage of grammar and correct spelling throughout. 5. Neatly present the final work. 6. Do not use an additional cover/folder. Word Limit: 3,000 words В± 10%. Extensions: There are no extensions granted on the module. Any claim for extenuating circumstances must be made through the official University channel. Read HTTPS://city. Bcc. AC. UK/Student-Essence/Complaints-and- Appeals for guidance.

Lecture notes and supporting material available on Model – Business Operations and Systems Module. BIJOU’S 2 Business Operations and Systems Assignment January 2015 Business Operations and Systems Assignment (January 201 5) You may find the information for Formula 1 racing, in Keynotes in the Library, Company reports, cases online, and the financial press. The literature sources should be books, journals, refereed papers and appropriate online sources. You should find the sources of information that you will use to deliver the three assessment parts within the first four weeks of the course.

This is important and failure to complete this task will jeopardize your performance on the module. Part 1 Formula 1 races takes place on five continents with an annual audience teen 500 to 600 million. This coming year there are twenty races planned, some of the circuits have problems with selling all the tickets. The dwindling audiences at the various venues (e. G. Germany) are becoming major concerns if the live events are to continue at some of these circuits. Select a circuit which has a dwindling audience to investigate. Use soft systems methodology to evaluate the problems of a dwindling live audience at the circuit.

You should outline the essential components for ‘effective business operation management’ to provide rich experience for live audience at the track. Us port your discussions with appropriate business operations models (I. E. Operation strategy priorities model, customer value, the service gap model, four Vs. profile etc. ) TIPS: 1 . You should start with what they are doing well (why people turn up to the events): 2. Research the problems behind the dwindling audience using soft systems methodology (critical analysis of need/problem to be solved): 3. Us port your discussions with appropriate operations models (quality/depth).

You should compare and contrast the different models used for providing rich experience by use of digital technology at the live events and recommend appropriate solutions for providing a service that combines the live track atmosphere with the opportunities to follow team/driver race progress live by means of digital technology (issues to consider: modes Of delivery, who provides service, delivery chain, customer value chain, cost implications etc. ). TIPS: 4. Synthesis of important issues around the problem and solution: 5. Critical analysis and evaluation for digital experience. 6.

Comparison of different solutions and choose one solution take forward with reasoning. 7. Consider some services that are unique and only fans at races could enjoy 8. Consider costing model for the users part 2 For the new system you should include a Root Definition, CATTLE and produce a detailed “Rich Picture” (hand drawn) to illustrate your answer. Your rich picture must indicate some of the problems which occur as a result of a reduction in attendance at race tracks and the solution. (Not included in the word count). By means of a business process plan illustrate the changes including “AS IS” and “TO BE”.

Detailed explanations of both plans are required and support your discussions with relevant literature. (Business process plans not included in the word count but explanation is included). Tip: Structure for part two; 9. Rich picture 10. Root definition 11. Table for CAMEO 12. AS IS process plan (summery of the process plan) 13. To Be process plan (summery of the process plan) Part 3 Discuss how the managers would turn performance objectives into operations priorities and the resources that would be necessary for effective implementation of the new process (about six hundred words).

Using a Balanced Scorecard, discuss how the business performance can be measured post implementation (refer to the last two years of any relevant data for improvement and target trends for the circuit). (Balanced scorecard charts re not included in word count but discussion on each prospective is included, hundred words for each prospective) Your work should be referenced including in text referencing with appropriate literature and form a logical and concise discussion. BIJOU’S 2 Business Operations and Systems Assignment: January 2015 Marking Guidance Suggested Words Max.