C I Live Performances

The e storyline of the show is based off the story “The Nutcracker and the King of Mice”, written by E. T. A. Hoffman. The story takes place on Christmas Eve at the Stimulate house and follows t he adventures of Clara, daughter of Dry. Stimulate, who receives a nutcracker as a Christmas gig Ft from local councilman and magician, Drollery’s. Through the power of magic, Scalar’s nutcracker is Ramose 2 transformed into a real life boy who defends her from an army of mice and TA sees her on a journey through a snow forest and land of sweets.

The interesting thing about the music selection was although it was the classic score of the original Nutcracker ballet, it was p reformed by a live orchestra, which proved to be quite impressive. The music was rich in sound and kept me engaged in the show. Lighting was used to the company’s advantage with seven real different lights to add a sense of excitement and magic to the entire show ranging from fog IL gets and twinkling Christmas lights that did well not to distract the audience from the dancers.

C costumes for the show were also very pleasing to the eye and the costumer did a great job make inning sure each costume was appropriate to the time period and culture of each dance. As of r staging, the show had a wide array of different formations in its dances and even used several d efferent props to add architecture to the show such as a giant dress on wheels decorated as a c cake in which gingerbread cookie dancers hid inside.