C words

An economic system based on private property and free 
Northerner who moved to the south after the civil war 
cash crop
Farm crop raised to be sold for money
To express formal disapproval of some action 
civil defense
Protective measures taken in case of attack 
civil disobedience
Refusal to obey laws that are considered unjust as a nonviolent way to the press 
closed shop
A workplace in which the employer by agreement hires only union members 
A group united for action 
cold war
A struggle over political differences between nations carried on by methods short of war 
collective bargaining
Discussion between an employer and union representatives of workers over wages, hours, and working conditions 
concentration camps
Prison camps used to hold people for political reasons 
conscientious objector
Person who refuses military service on the basis of moral and religious beliefs 
The protection and preservation of natural resources 
The practice of combining separate companies into one 
The policy or process of preventing the expansion of natural resources 
A group that travels with something, such as a ship, to protect it 
Store where farmers bought products from each other; an enterprise owned and operated by those who use it services 
A business in which investors own shares
Dishonest or illegal actions 
counter culture
A social movement whose values go against those of established society 
         1.         Military or political activities intend to combat terrorism 
credibility gap
Lack of belief; a term used to describe the lack of trust in the Johnson administration’s statements about the Vietnam War