During 1 9001 9505, the population of California increased from lower than on e million to become owns the biggest population state in the United States. In 1 903, the Mission Inn has been opened in the Riverside, California. Background of Loam Linda University Loam Linda University is a Seventeenth Adventist coeducational Health Science university located in Loam Linda, California, it was founded in 1905, when Joy n Burden and Ellen G. White began to work together to choose the land and then purchased in the Loam Linda, CA.

In the 1905, Ellen G. White from Washington D. C received a letter from Led erg. A. Burden. He was an official in the Seventeenth Adventist Church. He described a property y found in San Bernardino county can be used for the Adventist training centers for their MIS signora work. After Mrs.. White read this letter, she was impressed, She was immediately interest d in it. She said she had seen that property. Burden purchased five cottages, a farmhouse, the ho tell, and equipment, and a recreation hall with 76 acres of land for $38,000.

The property was bet en the Redheads, San Bernardino and Riverside in the California. At the beginning the name of the university was College of Medical Evangelists. In 1 967 Loam Linda University also running the e La Sierra University. La Sierra University became part of the Loam Linda University, unit 1 1990, La Sierra university separated from Loam Linda university. Contributions Loam Linda University has lots of the contributions, especially in the medical education. Also Ellen G White said that ‘the institution was to make a major contribution to the work of the

Seventeenth Adventist church by becoming a training center for students who would participate in the Church’s worldwide outreach. ” Loam Linda University also made a great t contribution to the the society during the World War II, they sponsored the 47 General Hospital. They also started the church services in January 6, 1906, even only 16 members. Until 1928, the congregation had grown to over 1 ,OHO members, they moved out from the College Church to a new church. In 1958, the Loam Linda reach Institute Conscience Research was found the ice Tiffin evidence concerning origins.

Interesting Stories Ellen White saw the land that the seventh day Adventist medical institution w loud be built on in a vision. John Burden found 76 acres of property that matched the land that Mrs.. White had seen in her vision, but it was at the price of $1 10,000. That amount was way too much for them to pay, but the price continued to drop because of some miracles an d eventually they were able to buy the land for only $38,000!