Cameron Diaz Bio

El Latino famous De la seaman sees Cameron Ditz. Ella tine quarto y nuns Amos. Ditz sees De San Diego, California, peer us familial no son. Cameraman’s padre sees UN Segundo generation Cubans Americana, y us madder sees Italians, leman, y el Americana native. Ditz sees famous pursue sees nun citric. O’Hara, Cameron Ditz vive en Los Angels, California. Cameron Ditz was born on August 30, 1972. When she was only sixteen, Ditz began professionally modeling for major companies such as Coca-Cola ND Calvin Klein.

In 1994, Cameron Ditz starred in her first film, The Mask with Jim Carrey. Before the film was released, critics disapproved of Ditz as The Masks lead female role because of her total lack of acting experience and know how. However, even without previous experience Cameron Ditz was phenomenal as The Masks Tina Carlyle. After changing the opinions of several spectators, Cameron Ditz spent the next five years starring in seven different films alongside well-known actors such as

Julia Roberts, Jennifer Animations, Ben Stiller, John Sucks, AY Pacing, and Dennis Quad. But she didn’t stop there. Ditz took on the role of one of Charlie’s Angels in the 2000 remake of the sass’s TV show, and starred in the 2002 sequel. In ’01 Ditz gave life to Princess Finn from the hit movie Shriek and has stayed with her character for the three following movies. Dais’s most recent films were Bad Teacher (2011) and What to Expect When You’re Expecting (2012).

Cameron Ditz is not married and has no children, but according to a 2012 interview by People Magazine she said she does not oppose to the idea of marrying or children. “It Just wasn’t the thing I was drawn to. I certainly didn’t want it in my sis. Or my sis. ” But now at 41, Ditz says “We’ll see”. (Excerpt from People Magazine-October 2012 Edition) Cameron Ditz will be starring in upcoming thriller The Counselor with Brad Pit and Penelope Cruz. The Counselor hits theaters October 25th.